New Dogecoin update reviewed, Elon Musk responds that it's "important"
New Dogecoin update reviewed, Elon Musk responds that it's "important" By Editor DailyBitcoin Editor

Elon Musk shares via Twitter that he finds the announcement of new Dogecoin

update “important”.


Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk posted a single word and in it he expresses his support for the Doge community’s call to spread the new update to as many computers as possible. “Important,”

was all he said.

But what is the tweet in question? This one:

user Doge Whisperer, who gives Doge news on a daily basis, wrote: “Update on #dogecoin Nodes: 205 computers are running the most recent update. More nodes are needed to upgrade to 1.14.4 and more NEW nodes are needed. Once a higher percentage of new nodes are running, a new update will be released. Helps protect the network and reduce transaction fees.”

The response to this tweet was a terse but punchy, “Important”

from Elon Musk, which was retweeted by more than 1,300 people and was accompanied by dozens of encouraging comments, from people saying, for example, that they have been preparing for such an event for several years.

The launch that took place nine days ago, according to GitHub, prepares the Dogecoin network to reduce fees, the topic that has been the subject of heated discussions and arguments in the Doge community for a long time, says UToday


The post on GitHub says that, in the new version, several bugs have been fixed and the performance of the network has been improved in several directions. Now, Dogecoin

developers urge all users to implement this update and thus improve the performance of the entire network.

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The update can be easily installed over the current 1.14 installation, without having to uninstall it,

re-index or redownload. The update is preparing the network for a rate cut. It’s the first step in a two-step upgrade required to reduce Dogecoin’s fees.

Months earlier

Earlier, Tesla’ s CEO tweeted that he had been working with Doge developers to improve the meme currency’s efficiency for transactions.

I had also said in July that both Bitcoin as Ether were slow and that the Doge update had great merit because of it. Earlier, in June, Musk had said why it was so important to support a Doge crypto update.

Sources: Twitter, Github y UToday


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