NASCAR: Baby Doge will sponsor a race car

This isn’t the first time the NASCAR racing franchise has hosted ads dedicated to cryptocurrency. This time, however, it will be different, if we want, since to sponsor one of the cars in the race will be Baby Doge Coin, one of the latest meme token

arrived on the market.

The same

one that a

few days ago was brought to the stars by Elon Musk, by now deus ex machina

of the meme coin dedicated to dogs – that in an unexpected way has contributed to the diffusion of this umpteenth project based on the popularity of

Shiba Inu

as meme dogs. All eyes will be on the next darling, which will see the debut of the No. 68 sponsored by BabyDoge

. Brandon Brown will drive the car in the 115th edition of the NASCAR Xfinity Series, which will be run in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a stage that can garner a large audience – both live

and via television.

Another Doge clone? Depends on your point of view. The commander-in-chief of meme tokens is actually extremely more capitalized – and certainly, at least for now, more interesting investment material. We can find him at (here to get a free, always unlimited trial account)

, a brokerage with plenty of crypto listings, artificial intelligence, and professional platforms like MetaTrader 4 and TradingView. And those who want to upgrade to a real account can do so for just €20. It will be

a sponsorship of the 68 car that will take part in the track, as we have already said driven by Brandon Brown


“This weekend we are excited to welcome Baby Doge Coin aboard our No. 68 Chevrolet Camaro, the coin that became a partner with Brandobilt Motorsports. The car will look great and I can’t wait to see it on the track.

An expectation that is mounting even among the various fans of a Yellow Rocket Agency born for fun, but that is trying to follow at least in part the great path of Shiba Inu Token

, by far the most successful project in the field of meme tokens of more recent creation.

Brandon Brown has also publicly spoken out in favor of the project, pointing out that it was created to save as many dogs as possible and announcing that fans of the token

have already donated $100,000 toward that end. The first Yellow Rocket Agency dedicated to dog charity.

Mus’ shadow behind the token

This is not the first time that we end up talking about BABYDOGE, even on newspapers not strictly related to the world of cryptocurrencies. Only a few days ago, in fact, it had been the subject of one of Elon Musk’s tweets, which had pushed the price up rather high.

As often happens following Musk’s impromptu initiatives, there were then corrections – more than expected. The token continues to hover around a rather low level of capitalization – less than $170 million according to Coinmarketcap. However, the initiative that will make it visible in such an important and followed race could help make it more visible and more popular, with the possibility that this will also have an impact on its market value.

Cars and cryptocurrencies: the unstoppable combination

Relatively better-known and more solid projects like Fantom have already forged partnerships with the motor world. In addition, Tezos has become a sponsor of McLaren, sealing not only an important contract with one of the most popular teams in the world, but also the now indissoluble binomial between crypto and racing.

BabyDoge’s is the last of the sorties, which before were touched (even if in more important and followed contexts) also to Bitcoin. We will see if the initiative will have the expected effects from all those who have already invested in BABYDOGE.