Mining Bitcoin (BTC) with nuclear power: an Ohio company's original project

Nuclear-powered Bitcoin (BTC) mining

As explained


the Energy Harbor release, the two companies have signed a five-year partnership. Standard Power will convert an abandoned paper mill located in Ohio into a mining farm. The energy supplied by Energy Harbor will come entirely from nuclear power plants

, thus reducing the carbon footprint of mining.

According to Maxim Serezhin, the CEO of Standard Power, nuclear power will be used exclusively for this Bitcoin farm :

By partnering with Energy Harbor, we have organized our hosting capabilities to ensure that 100% of the electricity associated with this facility . or non-issuing of carbon. »

The project is set to begin in December 2021. Standard Power further explains that it will adjust its activity according to the electricity demand of Ohio’s individuals, so as not to monopolize the grid.

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Decarbonizing Bitcoin

The move is notable, as Bitcoin has been under heavy fire lately


its high electricity consumption. To counter this, several solutions have been mooted, and big names in the industry have started to look into the matter. For example Gemini, which has bought carbon credits

to support companies that remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

All this is also part of a profound transformation of the mining landscape. After years of threats, China has begun to cut off electricity to local miners. As a result, there is an exodus to other countries

– including the US.

The redistribution of hashrate to the West could therefore allow new solutions of this type to emerge, in order to continue decarbonizing the Bitcoin network.

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