Microsoft is using the blockchain! Protect Digital Identity with Bitcoin

Protecting Digital Identity with Bitcoin

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor posted an article from Microsoft showing how the global IT giant is building a project to help average people protect their digital identity with Bitcoin.

Source: Twitter

Microsoft is participating in the ION project, which aims to build decentralized identifiers (DIDs). These identifiers would be anchor points for all activities a person performs on the internet.

This technology would give people the right to own their privacy on the internet and protect them from government surveillance, security breaches, and data leaks by preventing internet giants from controlling users’ profiles on the internet, their login credentials, and personal and financial information.

If Bitcoin’s goal is to remove the power of centralized institutions over money, ION seeks to do the same with online identities.

The Bitcoin blockchain is used here to provide a high level of decentralization and security for the creation of DIDs.

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