Mexico: Billionaire Salinas Pliego goes for bitcoin payment revenge

Elektra, a Mexican company dedicated to offering loans and financial services to retailers, will start receiving payments in bitcoin (BTC). This was stated by billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who is the president of the group that owns the company. In mid-2021, this businessman had made an unsuccessful attempt to adopt bitcoin in Banco Azteca, also owned by him.

The news was confirmed by Salinas Pliego himself through a publication

on his Twitter account. In the message, the third richest businessman in Mexico republished a video of bitcoiner and human rights activist Alex Gladstein in which he can be seen paying for a coffee with a payment of the Lightning network in bitcoin on the beach of El Zonte, in El Salvador.

In addition to Gladstein’s tweet, Salinas wrote: “Very soon we will have it in our network of Elektra stores”. In this way, customers of Elektra’s appliance, furniture, electronics, clothing and other products stores will be able to use this cryptocurrency to make their purchases.

It is not yet known if this possibility will also apply to the payment of loans and other services that Elektra provides.

“Very soon we will have it in our network of Elektra stores,” Salinas wrote while showing a payment with Lightning Network. Source: Twitter.

A new attempt with bitcoin


addition to standing on the podium of the wealthiest people in Mexico along with Carlos Slim (Grupo Carso) and Sara Mota de Larrea (Grupo Mexico), Salinas Pliego is also an avowed bitcoin enthusiast. His more than optimistic view

on the future of cryptoassets has been reflected in CryptoNews on numerous occasions.

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That is why, in mid-June, the businessman devised a plan to start operating with the cryptocurrency

in Banco Azteca, another firm of the Salinas group. On the 27th of that month, Salinas had posted on Twitter that the bank was “working” to offer such a service to its customers, mainly as a tool to counter inflation, which is “a silent robbery”.

However, this strategy could not materialize, since the National Banking and Securities Commission of Mexico did not allow it. In this sense, the president of the CNBV ratified

that financial institutions can operate with cryptocurrencies, but not banks.

Faced with such a refusal, Salinas did not stand idly by. Rather, as they say popularly in football, he “got out of the way” and went for revenge. In a short time, the Mexican could see his desire to operate with bitcoin in at least one of his numerous companies come true.