Metaverse: This VC fund is betting on the new virtual future

The metaverse is being talked about as a candidate for the next big hype topic. A crypto fund is also convinced about the future of the metaverse. What does the founder think about crypto and the gaming industry?

Not only NFT and DeFi are real hype topics in the crypto space right now. Because the Metaverse is also being talked about as a hot candidate for the next big thing. The crypto fund “OP Crypto Capital Management” is also convinced of the future of the metaverse. That’s because its fund plans to invest $25 million in such projects, among others. The fund’s website states :

‘In the coming years, we expect developers and investors to gravitate towards building all future technologies on the blockchain and laying the foundation for a truly decentralized world. OP Crypto will focus on supporting these developers and projects. And play a significant role in bridging the gap between CeFi, DeFi and the Metaverse.

Further, the fund states that one of its goals is to help revolutionary founders with their ideas. To give them a helping hand and thus allow new business models to emerge around crypto and blockchain. OP Crypto wants to provide these founders with tools and expertise with which they can implement their visions.

Is the future of crypto in gaming?

As reported by The Block Crypto portal, crypto fund founder David Gan says, “Gaming will bring the first 100 million users to the crypto ecosystem. The metaverse, social tokens and virtual reality will bring the next billions.” And he might be right about that. Because already, games based on the blockchain are a real beacon for new entrants to the crypto ecosystem. As an example, consider the record-breaking blockchain game “Axie Infinity“. Because as Yellow Rocket Agency reported, people in the Philippines are already earning a living through gaming.

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On the company’s website, Metaverse states on the topic:

Blockchain-based virtual worlds where markets for lands, buildings, avatars and even names can be bought and sold as NFT are fast becoming the next hype for gaming.

According to a study released in 2020, 40 percent of all people worldwide play video games. That’s over 3 billion people. Should blockchain technology succeed in gaining a foothold in the traditional gaming industry, the resulting potential would be huge. It’s entirely possible that concepts like “play-to-earn,” as with Axie Infinity, or the metaverse, will catch on. And other computer game makers will use blockchain as well. And then David Gan’s crypto fund may hit the spot.