McDonald's and Pizza Hut begin accepting bitcoin in El Salvador

Fast food chain McDonald’s now accepts bitcoin as a payment method throughout El Salvador, the first country in the world to declare BTC as legal tender throughout its territory. Other franchises such as Pizza Hut have also begun accepting BTC today September 7, 2021.

McDonald’s, a franchise with restaurants around the world, is accepting bitcoin through payment operator OpenNode, which allows payments to be made in both BTC via the Lightning second-layer solution.

Earlier this morning, journalist Aaron Van Wirdrum reported making a bitcoin purchase at a McDonald”s restaurant located near the Bambú Center in the Zona Rosa in the city of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador.

I walked into a McDonald’s in San Salvador to see if I could pay for my breakfast with bitcoin, hoping not. But then they discreetly printed out a ticket with a QR code that took me to a website with a Lightninginvoice

, and now I’m enjoying my traditional breakfast! Aaron van Wirdrum, Editor and Journalist at BitcoinMagazine.

Subsequently, OpenNode made an announcement about the partnership between this bitcoin payment provider and McDonald’s, stating that restaurants nationwide would be accepting payments via Lightning starting today. The chain has just over 20 stores nationwide, according to Google data.

OpenNode confirmed to CryptoNews that for the moment there will be no on-chain payments, that is, through the main Bitcoin network at McDonald’s; but through Lightning, only.

This is because on-chain transaction confirmations take a bit longer, and don’t keep up with the pace of a McDonald’s food store. With Lightning, these payments are instantaneous and don’t get in the way of regular customer service.

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Big Mac index in El Salvador can now be traded in bitcoin

The Big Mac is one of McDonald’s most popular and iconic burgers. Interestingly, its price in different countries around the world is taken into account to track inflation and economy, giving rise to the Big Mac Index.

Judging by the USD 5.49 price of a Big Mac on McDonald’s El Salvador’s home delivery portal, 1 Big Mac would cost 0.00011121 BTC or 11121 satoshis, according to the price calculator.

bitcoin prices from CriptoNoticias


According to Statista data, El Salvador would rank 5th among the most expensive Big Macs in the world, below the US (4th place, USD 5.66) and above Israel (USD 5.35), although they do not include the Central American country in their indicators.

This morning, President Nayib Bukele tweeted an image from a Pizza Hut restaurant

, in an undisclosed location, where they have set up a separate cashier exclusively for bitcoin payments.

This popular pizza chain, also originally from the United States, has 18 stores in El Salvador, according to Google’s directory

. At press time OpenNode did not confirm if they are also the payment gateway provider for Pizza Hut in all of their stores in El Salvador. Nayib Bukele tweeted an image of a Pizza Hut store, which already indicates to its customers that they can pay with BTC.

OpenNode also informed this media that the Chinese-American food franchise Panda Express, began accepting BTC today through this payment processor.

Also, OpenNode told CryptoNews that this week they would be enabling their services to “more companies valued in billions of dollars” present in El Salvador.

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Julie Landrum, OpenNode’s Growth Manager, told this media, that there will be many businesses to which they will provide their services in El Salvador, from digital wallets and mobile payment operators, insurance companies and major retailers in the country, through fast food restaurants and industrial firms.

At the moment, other companies similar to these franchises have not officially confirmed their annexation to the Bitcoin Law, however in the course of this and the coming days will surely know more cases of adoption.