Majority of El Salvador's citizens are skeptical about Bitcoin, survey reveals
Majority of El Salvador's citizens are skeptical about Bitcoin, survey reveals By Editor DiarioBitcoin

A survey applied to Salvadoran citizens revealed that the majority did not approve of the government’s plan to adopt Bitcoin



El Salvador was the first country in the world to create a Bitcoin Law, which gives legal tender status to the leading cryptocurrency. Although many relevant figures of the crypto community on the planet applauded the measure, which was propelled by the country’s own president Nayib Bukele, international organizations – such as the World Bank – have been against it

, as well as political parties of the nation itself.

Now, a recent survey by Disruptiva, a polling company affiliated with the Francisco Gavidia University, found that 54% of Salvadorans viewed Bitcoin adoption as “not at all correct,” while another 24% described it as “only somewhat correct,” as reported by Reuters. Onlyless than 20% of people in El Salvador approved of the government’s Bitcoin


The survey, conducted between July 1 and 4, was answered by 1,233 people in the country.

Oscar Picardo, director of Science, Technology and Innovation at Disruptiva, said that the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender was “a risky bet for digital transformation”


As we recount, he is not the only opposition to the move. In June, El Salvador’s opposition party, the Farabundo Marti Front, filed a lawsuit against the government in an attempt to block the new legislation

, calling it unconstitutional and baseless. However, the bill was passed by a large majority in the Salvadoran congress, receiving 62 out of 84 votes.

They don’t know Bitcoin

Disruptiva ‘s survey also found that 46% of people in El Salvador “knew nothing” about Bitcoin.

It seems that while thehe adoption of Bitcoin has the potential to help the average Salvadoran through cheaper and easier remittances, the lack of education on the subject is generating mistrust.

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For example, many Salvadorans incorrectly believed that remittance payments would be mandatory (and replace the dollar). Bitcoin would be mandatory (and replace the dollar) until President Bukele clarified the issue. He also had to clarify that they were not obligated to use the Chivo wallet, the Bitcoin wallet to be launched by the government.

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