Mark Cuban backs crypto ecosystem, speaks out against measures pushed by US Senate
Mark Cuban backs crypto ecosystem, speaks out against measures pushed by US Senate By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelIn

this regard, Cuban says that such measures could harm the ecosystem of digital currencies and Blockchain technology ,

so pushing this proposal would be tantamount to hindering the innovation that brings the sector.

The billionaire investor and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, recently spoke out to express his rejection of the measures promoted by the U.S. Senate, which threaten the growth of the Bitcoin

ecosystem and digital currencies locally


Cuban points out threats against innovation in the cryptocurrency space

Amid the rejection manifested by influential figures within this ecosystem, Cuban was not left behind and also dedicated some statements to show his support for the digital currencies ecosystem, ensuring that the comprehensive package as it is raised by the US government could have strong repercussions on the cryptocurrency sector


In this regard, Cuban commented:

“Shutting down this growth engine would be tantamount to stopping e-commerce in 1995 because people feared credit card fraud. Or regulating the creation of Web sites because some people initially thought they were complicated and didn’t understand what it would mean.

For Cuban, the comparison comes into place because of the innovation brought about by the use of Blockchain

technology and cryptocurrencies, precisely because many of the companies in the sector are the ones generating significant use cases, comparable to the technological potential brought about by the development of the Internet.

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Enthusiast of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

For several months now, Cuban has been one of the staunchest enthusiasts and advocates within the digital currencies space, characterized by his frequent comments in favor of the adoption and use of both Bitcoin

and the main cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology.

Perhaps the day when Cuban sided most with the authorities and demanded greater regulations was when he had a bad experience with a DeFi protocol , Iron Finance ‘s TITAN , which collapsed after massive sales of the token during a trading day. In aq

At the time, the cryptocurrency enthusiast called on the authorities to legally oversee proposals in the decentralized finance space, precisely because investors are the most affected whenever something happens.

Otherwise, Cuban has become quite popular for his repeated support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin . He associates the main cryptocurrency as a digital substitute for the gold market, while Dogecoin he considers as a good educational proposal to learn about the use of digital currencies, although it has quickly managed to open space from a commercial perspective.

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