Man who lost $800,000 in bitcoin sues parents of alleged teen thieves
Man who lost $800,000 in bitcoin sues parents of alleged teen thieves Man who lost $800,000 in bitcoin sues parents of alleged teen thieves

A man is suing the parents of two teenagers who allegedly stole $800,000 worth of bitcoins from him.

What happened.

According to court documents, Andrew Schober allegedly lost 16 bitcoins

to a 2018 malware attack. At the time, the cryptocurrencies stored in his wallet were worth about $220,000 and accounted for 95% of his wealth.

Access to the cryptocurrencies allegedly disappeared after Schober downloaded a suspicious cryptocurrency wal

let. As the lawsuit reads, the source of Schober’s problems was said to be an app from Reddit that was allegedly created by two minors, Benedict Thompson and Oliver Read. Once funds were placed on the downloaded wallet, they were to be transferred to an external, different address on the Bitcoin network.

“He didn’t eat, he didn’t sleep, […] he was in serious condition”

To investigate the whereabouts of the stolen bitcoins, Schober spent $10,000. He was able to associate BTC with two teenagers in the United Kingdom. Both Thompson and Read were studying computer science.

“The deployment of malware on Mr. Schober’s computer and the subsequent theft of the cryptocurrency were devastating to him,”

– reads the documents submitted to the court.

“He did not eat or sleep for days afterwards and has been in serious condition for the past three years.” Moreover: “The potential proceeds generated from the sale of cryptocurrencies Mr. Schober planned to use to finance his home and financially support his family.”

Schober wrote a letter to Read’s parents asking for the money back. “Your son is obviously a very intelligent young man,” he wrote in 2018. “He certainly would not want to be robbed of his future.”

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The case is time-barred?

Unfortunately, Schober did not live to see a response to his letter and sued the parents of both teens. “By refusing to respond to Mr. Schober’s demand for the return of his cryptocurrency contained in the letter, the defendants have denied him a de facto return of his cryptocurrency

,” the lawsuit states.

It hasn’t been long since the lawsuit was filed,

when the teens’ parents spoke up, however .In a motion filed this month, they said that “the three-year statute of limitations applies ” – suggesting that Schober had already run out of time to take legal action.

However, the defendants have not denied that their sons stole the bitcoins, whose value has since risen 600%.

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