The black sheep of crypto Tether (USDT) is looking to rebuild its reputation

A job opportunity for cryptophilesTether (USDT) is looking for a bilingual community manager, with mandatory English skills, to take care of its image on social networks. Stablecoin has a lot of potential for growth, but its reputation is tainted by a lack of transparency from its issuing company.

A professional to improve Tether’s image

The company behind the USDT stablecoin, Tether Operations, has posted a telecommuting job opening to combat FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). The company is looking for a telecommuting community manager who will be able to defend its image on social networks. He/she will have to interact with social network users and answer their questions.

The position requires at least 5 years of experience in social media management. Among other things, he or she must be able to “identify potential negative or crisis situations and apply conflict resolution principles to mitigate problems”.

Tether’s future community manager will indeed have to handle delicate situations, knowing that the company is currently under pressure and increased scrutiny of its collateral reserves. Tether had first revealed details about stablecoin collateral in May 2021, with 76% of the reserves that are held in cash or cash equivalents divided into 3 categories: 65% in commercial paper, 25% in fiduciary deposits and 3% in cash.

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A serious challenger to ether (ETH)

Tether USDT is the third largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. Its market cap stands at €52,818,663,313 at the time of writing. According to billionaire Peter Schiff, who is not a fan of Bitcoin, the latter could become according to him, become the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, dethroning ether in the process.

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Schiff said in a June 22 tweet that USDT’s market capitalization is 50% higher than that of Binance Coin (BNB),which is the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. Tether’s stablecoin could thus take the place of ether if its market cap increased by 40%, especially if ether lost its gains of 2021.

With a USDT issuance was stalled in June 2021, Tether now seems to be playing the transparency card and being much more active in managing its reputation, before accelerating its development through an increase in its market capitalization.

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