Bitcoin, the religion of the 21st century born of mathematics and the Internet?

People interested in Bitcoin often sound like fanatics. If you are, you know what I’m talking about. If you know someone who is, you know what I’m talking about too. Is it right?

Bitcoin, a religion like any other?

In this episode and the next one we’ll discuss Bitcoin and religion with Jacques Favier, a historian by training. The goal will be to determine if it makes sense to consider Bitcoin as a new religion.

Our two-part investigation begins with a form comparison between Bitcoin and religion. So in this first episode, we’ll try to find out what common characteristics exist between religion and Bitcoin. You’ll see that there are many!

That said, scams can also share these characteristics. The similarity between Bitcoin and religion alone is not enough to establish whether Bitcoin is indeed a religion. To go further, we will study the philosophical aspect of Bitcoin and the messages carried by this tool and its users. This will be the subject of episode 17.

Keep an open mind for this atypical content.

Stay humble, stack sats and enjoy the show!

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Other meetings with Jacques


  • (02:14) – What could make Bitcoin look like a religion?
  • (05:18) – A sacred and revealed text
  • (07:22) – Immaculate Conception
  • (08:12) – A Shared Vocabulary
  • (09:16) – Regular community events
  • (12:20) – Body Witness
  • (13:59) – Credos
  • (14:24) – Mantras
  • (15:15) – Based on faith rather than trust
  • (18:29) – Bitcoin goes through trials, all religions do
  • (21:35) – The tradition
  • (24:02) – Summary of what makes Bitcoin look like a religion
  • (26:33) – Outro
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