Is Bitcoin entering a bear market? Here's how to profit from it

The crypto-currency market has begun another slide with bitcoin falling below $30,000. About $100 billion was liquidated as the market went into the red. The fall in crypto-assets came after recent sell-offs in global stock markets. Fears of a new wave of Covid cases and the bleak economic outlook have prompted investors to stay away from risky assets. Many analysts believe we are now headed for a price of $24,000 or lower.

On June 4, Ellon Musk posted a tweet: Bitcoin, heartbroken. Later, he tweeted again: Canada, United States, Mexico. Here’s how his tweets were interpreted by most people: goodbye Bitcoin (it’s possible he sold his Bitcoins) and going south (drop in Bitcoin price).

In fact, 5 hours after it was released, Bitcoin dropped more than 10%.

On June 8, most crypto-currencies fell by 10%, today the crypto-currency market fell again, and the bear market seems to have really arrived.

One indicator shows that the recent rally could be a new market high. In a report by Delphi Digital, the MVRV report which measures the market value of bitcoin against its realized value is analyzed.

Is Bitcoin entering a bear market? Here's how to profit from it

According to the report, the MVRV ratio in July 2021 is similar to those in early 2011, late 2013 and early 2018. At those times, the bitcoin price recorded all-time highs (ATH, All-Time High) before falling sharply.

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The bear market seems to have arrived. How do you profit from the price drop?

Volatility is scary, but with the right tools, it’s very beneficial for making money. With the rocky road ahead, traders can engage in margin trading to cover losses and make profits.

Let’s look at how to profit from the falling bitcoin price:

Let’s assume we used 1 BTC to open a short-term contract when bitcoin was trading at $35,000. Note that with a leverage of 100, 1 BTC opens a contract worth 100 BTC.

If the price of bitcoin dropped to $33,000, the profits would be ($35,000 – $33,000) * 100 BTC/$33,000 *100% = 6.06 BTC, or a return on investment of 606%.

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Is Bitcoin entering a bear market? Here's how to profit from it

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Is Bitcoin entering a bear market? Here's how to profit from it

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