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Berlin-based Bloxxon AG publishes the Next Eleven Index. The portfolio based on this index is intended to be of particular interest to risk-averse investors.

Berlin-based Bloxxon AG has added another index to its Bloxxon Asset Management (BAM): the Next Eleven Index. The special feature of this index is “a small but qualitative selection of second-tier projects”. The company uses an in-house formula to analyse future potential. This is based on the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. It is noticeable that some of the assets in the new lineup are less than a year old. Included are Polygon and the DeFi market Aave, among others.

Do you believe or not?

The company’s goal, according to co-CEO Dr. Johannes Schmitt, is to contribute so that “cryptocurrencies are anchored as a future technology in the financial industry.” The experts also assume that “large-volume investments will flow into the crypto market in the future”. With a portfolio based on the Next Eleven Index, particularly risk-averse investors are to be addressed. According to the co-CEO, these are precisely the people who believe in “the growth opportunities of young cryptocurrencies”.

One index for all

Schmitt emphasizes to Yellow Rocket Agency that in principle any bank or any:r investor:in could buy the coins from the index itself. However, he sees Bloxxon AG’s core competence in “keeping an eye on these coins, re-balancing them and, if necessary, supplementing and swapping them with new assets.” Thus, the Next Eleven Index can be a support for institutional investors, but also for private investors via the subsidiary Wevest. Nevertheless, “the use of the Next Eleven Index is free of charge,” says Schmitt, “we understand the publication of the index as an invitation to institutional clients to come into conversation with us.”

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Quality for what’s to come

Since the beginning of August, 20 percent of the fund assets of German special funds may be invested in cryptoassets(Fondsstandortgesetz). Therefore, Bloxxon AG wants to provide banks, investors and companies with professional asset management expertise and has provided another qualitative lineup with the Next Eleven Index, the company emphasizes.