Crypto news: 21Shares and comdirect enter into cooperation
Crypto news: 21Shares and comdirect enter into cooperationCrypto news: 21Shares and comdirect enter into cooperationCrypto news: 21Shares and comdirect enter into cooperation

Good crypto news for comdirect customers and fans of savings plans. 21Shares AG and comdirect have announced that they will be entering into a cooperation regarding crypto ETPs from now on.

21Shares will thus be the sole provider of physically backed crypto exchange traded products (ETPs) for the online broker’s savings plan program. With 2.9 million customers, comdirect is thus offering the option to a large number of young people in particular.

Hany Rashwan, Co-Founder and CEO of 21Shares, made the following comments in this regard:

“We are very pleased to offer German customers who want to add Bitcoin and other crypto assets to their savings plan an attractive option thanks to Comdirect.”

This will allow individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies via a savings plan in the future without having to pay order fees.

Tax relief for crypto ETPs?

As recently as the end of June, there were reports around a possible tax relief for crypto ETPs. Indeed, gains from crypto ETPs are taxable even after a holding period of more than one year. Currently, the draft of the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) is still under review.

This is already regulated for physical gold ETCs. These are tax-exempt. For crypto ETPs, there were no more precise regulations in this regard. The change in taxation would be a great advantage for ETPs in this case.

Crypto news around regulations and are piling up.

More and more often there is crypto news around regulations of cryptocurrencies. Often, this gives investors a way to invest in cryptos with less risk. Especially the current situation with Binance shows that insufficient regulations in the countries often cause difficulties for investors. For example, euro deposits via SEPA are currently not possible at Binance.

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An important step in the establishment of cryptocurrencies is also the regulation of cryptocurrency taxation. In Germany, the BMF and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) have recently become more involved with cryptocurrencies again. In addition, Deutsche Börse AG has acquired around two-thirds of the shares of Swiss-based Crypto Finance AG.

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