Premium channel with crypto signals makes 220% profit in June 2021

We have the latest BeInCrypto traders report for the month of June 2021. It turns out that this time too our community can boast of profits, as the signals proved to be successful and brought a total profit of 220%.

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June: signals give 220% profit

The BeInCrypto trading team led by the experienced Terranova had another success last month. According to the latest report

, the total profit from positions taken on the basis of trading signals of our Premium channel amounted to 220%. Sponsored Sponsored

This result translates into $2207 in earnings on the example of an initial investment of $1000. This is an impressive result, but it should be noted that a month earlier, in May, the Premium channel generated an even higher profit of 357%.

Premium channel with crypto signals makes 220% profit in June 2021

Further in the report we read that the group provided 15 signals for 6 trading pairs. In the second half of the month, the group experienced some negative trades, but thanks to well-placed stop-losses it managed to keep the losses to a minimum.

However, the vast majority of signals were successful and led to positive results. The record position from the beginning of the month led to a profit of as much as $700.

Premium channel with crypto signals makes 220% profit in June 2021

Premium Channel – how to join?

There is an easy way to join the closed Premium channel with cryptocurrency signals and analysis. To do it you just need to follow these 3 steps:

  • Send a screenshot in a direct message (DM) to @BeInCryptoPremiumPL with a minimum account balance of $20 in crypto. Also provide your account ID number on StormGain and email.
    You will be added to the FREE Premium channel as soon as possible.
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Premium membership is for life and there is no monthly cost. Remember that the minimum withdrawal from the exchange is $60 in any cryptocurrency.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the open group or send a private message to @BeInCryptoPremiumPL on Telegram.


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