Jack Haines steps down as COO of SafeMoon. Token price plummets
Jack Haines steps down as COO of SafeMoon. Token price plummets By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelAnalysts

and enthusiasts see Haines’ departure from SafeMoon as a very bad sign ,


the thesis that he is jumping ship before it sinks is gaining momentum


Jack Haines, the person


SafeMoon ‘s operations management , announced today that he is stepping down as COO of the DeFi


Haines is leaving SafeMoon

Haines revealed this in a statement published this morning on his Twitter account, where he shared the news with his followers and thanked those who supported his work within SafeMoon

. In

this regard, the statement published by Haines reads


“My journey with SafeMoon has been amazing so far. As a community we have achieved a lot in a very short time, however, after reflecting on my goals and my current position, my wellbeing is now more important than ever and I need to get away from any toxic environment.

This has nothing to do with hodlers… innovation or Safemoon as a token… But it is with great regret that I am leaving my position as head of the operations office for SafeMoon. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and can’t wait to build a better and great future for everyone.”

While there are no specific details regarding the reason for his departure, in his message he lets it appear that his position as COO of SafeMoon was proving to be very heavy and demanding. It is not known if this is because he will move on to some other project in the DeFi space, a

door that he left open when he closed with this sentence:

“My DeFi journey doesn’t end here, it’s just beginning….”.

Mixed reactions

The announcement by Haines generated mixed reactions among his followers and SafeMoon enthusiasts , as while some wished the former executive the best of success in his new path, others showed their concern for the future of the DeFi project ,

especially in light of the fact that it has not had the expected results.

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Among the comments left on the announcement are also those that point to Haines’ departure as a bad omen for SafeMoon, especially because they consider that he motivated many people to invest and is

leaving the project now that it is not as profitable as it was a few months ago. Others claim that with the departure of the COO, the project could possibly lose focus and go down a path that could end up hurting the community of users and investors.

SafeMoon price down

While the community debates around the decision made by Haines, the move also seems to have negatively impacted the price of the SAFEMOON token , which by the time of editing is down with losses of 18% in the last 24 hours, trading at about USD $0.000001451.

The fall in the price of the token reinforces the thesis that both the project and the digital currency are part of a proposal for a Memecoin, not unlike the case of Shiba Inu, whose token is also down this September 10 with a fall of 4.5% in the last 24 hours.

It is worth noting that both SHIB and SAFEMOON gained quite a bit of trading boom several months ago, but currently their price is well below the values recorded in their best moments.

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