Italian Anti-Mafia Directorate warns about the use of cryptocurrencies by criminal organizations
Italian Anti-Mafia Directorate warns about the use of cryptocurrencies by criminal organizations By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelThe

police agency notes that criminals are increasingly interested in digital currencies, precisely because of their properties in terms of anonymity of operations and the possibility to move capital without bureaucratic controls


The Italian Anti-Mafia Directorate (DIA),

a directorate belonging to the country’s police forces, recently revealed that mafia groups and criminal organizations are increasingly making use of cryptocurrencies to carry out illicit activities


This was stated by a DIA

spokesperson during an interview conducted by the German media Zeit Online, where a representative of the police entity commented:

“All criminal organizations, including mafia-type ones, have an interest in using these tools for their business.”


representative’s comments go hand in hand with data previously published by the police organization in a new report, in which it reveals that criminal organizations are making use of these assets for their properties to dynamize payments and circumvent certain controls, especially in commercial activities linked to drugs and illicit substances.

In this regard, the report reads


“Ndrangheta, the strongest and most powerful criminal syndicate in the country, is increasingly attuned to modern tools such as cryptocurrencies and the deep web.”

Cryptocurrencies and criminal activities

The concern on the part



and other police entities comes amid the commercial boom that the main cryptocurrencies are registering, which is attracting the attention of people outside the sector who are increasingly attracted to these assets.

As for mentions of the Deep Web and Dark Web,

there are many platforms where users trade drugs and illegal items by accepting payments with cryptocurrencies. Authorities are paying more and more attention to their modus operandi, precisely to shut down organizations and individuals operating on these services.

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Although there is an increasing interest in the use of these assets, various reports ensure that digital currencies are not the main mechanism to perpetrate illicit activities. This is because the use of Blockchain technology guarantees total transparency and traceability of operations, so that with the right tools, anyone can track the flow of funds through the digital currencies.

he different wallets they go through.

But the biggest concerns revolve around the use of coins with an emphasis on the privacy of transactions. In this regard, various authorities point out the dangers associated with the use of Monero (XMR), a cryptocurrency that does not keep record of the operations carried out through its network, which is mainly associated with illicit activities due to the impossibility of tracking operations.

Malwares and Ransomwares

But the line of crimes that most concern cybersecurity agencies has to do with Ransomware attacks , in which hackers sneak malware into servers or computers with important information, encrypting the content hosted there and asking victims to pay a ransom in cryptocurrencies to recover the compromised data.

The case that recently raised alarms and generated strong consequences for the US was the attack perpetrated by the DarkSide group against Colonial Pipeline, operator of one of the largest pipeline systems in the country. The attackers hijacked the information hosted on the company’s servers and demanded the payment of about $5 million in Bitcoinfunds.

Although the FBI recovered part of the ransom and Colonial Pipeline was able to resume its activities, the consequences generated to the company and its repercussions on the operation of certain economic sectors made the President of the United States, Joe Biden, speak out about it and warned about the need to seek international cooperation to stop these and other attackers.

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