IT giant Accenture targeted by Bitcoin (BTC) ransomware

Accenture targeted by Bitcoin ransomware

LockBit is a ransomware infamous for its attacks that tend to target large companies. This time, the ransomware has targeted Accenture, a major IT company. In its announcement, LockBit explained that the company had only a few hours to pay the ransom before the data was released. The note was particularly critical:

These people are beyond privacy and security. I really hope their services are better than what I’ve seen as an insider.

More worryingly, LockBit explained that this ransomware attack was made possible by an employee of the company, who allegedly collaborated with the attackers. 50 million dollars was demanded, payable in Bitcoin.

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The company is not giving in

LockBit explained that it had 6 TB of data, ready to be released. For all that, Accenture seems not to have wanted to get into the ransomware game. The data has started to be released by the attackers, indicating that the ransom has not been paid. Accenture had already been reassuring after the attack, explaining:

We identified unusual activity on one of our environments. ‘We have immediately contained this matter and isolated the affected servers. We have fully restored our affected systems.

At this time, it is not known how sensitive the data released by LockBit is, as Accenture has locked down its communications since the attack. However, it is likely that the company deemed it sufficiently non-critical that it did not have to pay the ransom.

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In any case, attacks of this type have grown considerably in recent years. According to a Chainalysis report, $92 million had been sent to ransomware addresses in 2019, but that figure jumped to $406 million in 2020. From January to May 2021, $81 million had been recovered by attackers.

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IT giant Accenture targeted by Bitcoin (BTC) ransomware

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