Is the Shiba of Dogecoin really worth $110 million? The bizarre idea of an NFT with a dog

A $110 Million DOGE – Thanks to a splitting strategy, Feisty Doge, which is the NFT containing the photo of Dogecoin’s Shiba Inu (DOGE), has become the most expensive NFT in the cryptosphere with a valuation exceeding $100 million. How did it get there?

The miracle of the split: $110 million

An August 23 article from Forbes explains the reason why the Feisty Doge owned by CryptoPathic aka Path, has become one of the most expensive NFTs in the cryptosphere on a very timely basis, with an estimated valuation of $110 million. The full (and not yet split) NFT had sold at auction for $43,279 as of June 2021, though.

In reality, Path artificially increased the value of the NFT by depositing it in This splits the NFT and issues tokens representing its partial ownership, just like shares for a company. This concept has been used over the past few decades in other forms in the traditional art world, through trusts.

To achieve fractionalization, an NFT holder of significant value can deposit it into a smart contract and issue NFDs which are ERC-20 tokens called NFDs comparable to shares. Fractionation democratizes access to the most expensive NFTs, as even small portfolios can buy a piece of the NFT, by acquiring a few NFDs from its fractionation.

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Dogecoin’s NFT set for a new record soon

So Feisty Doge’s value briefly hit $110 million based on the estimated 100 billion total NFT supply and the token’s (highly fluctuating) price. The current exchange price of NFT in total is hovering around $60 million, approaching the $69 million record of Beeple’s NFT.

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Crazy speculators who have been playing the game have been using decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap or SushiSwap, to buy and sell Feisty Doge’s NFTs against ethers (ETH), bitcoin (BTC), wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) as well as other cryptocurrencies.

So splitting would be a way to democratize the more original and expensive NFTs. While this example for the lulz will make people smile, the issue of split NFTs could well ignite the cryptosphere in the future. Who will be the next to follow its lead? Perhaps the owner of <a href=”” target=”_self” rel=”noopener”>that old NFT pebble bought for $600,000?

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