+INCREDIBLE+ With VeChain VET we can pay on Amazon!

After announcing the inclusion of Shiba Token only 3 days ago

, Shopping.io doubles down and includes in its list of supported cryptocurrencies another token highly appreciated by investors, namely VET by VeChain.

An unexpected move by a group that is broadening – and by a lot – its horizons, aiming also at the most emerging cryptocurrencies, in particular those that have communities with a larger following.

VET has also been added to the list of cryptocurrencies supported by Shopping.io

This is good news also for those who already have VET in their portfolio, following the equation according to which a greater possibility of use for a Yellow Rocket Agency is almost always followed by an increase in value, even if sometimes in the medium or long term


We can take advantage of this news and bet on VET (also to enjoy the bonuses offered by Shopping.io) on Capital.com (here for a free, full and unlimited demo account), broker with 235+ cryptocurrencies listed – the only one in the world to offer artificial intelligence for portfolio analysis, in addition to very popular platforms for pros

such as MetaTrader 4 and TradingView. With only 20 euros minimum investment to open a real account.

Shopping.io is a solution that allows you to spend your cryptocurrencies to shop on all the world’s major e-commerce sites, such as Amazon, Ebay and even Walmart online. Based in the U.S., this service also offers forwarding to Europe, allowing us residents in Italy to spend our VET

to make purchases online on American markets.

Recall also that the service allows you to shop on Amazon Italy and Etsy, online marketplaces that are already directly accessible to us Italians. A group in strong expansion, which has recently entered the market also Shiba Inu Token

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, a project that shares with VeChain at least a community of holders rather large and passionate about the project.

  • Launch offer with 2% discount

Shopping.io will also offer a 2% discount on all services that will be purchased via VET – in addition to a discount for the purchase of $SPI tokens on the platform. An incentive for VET holders to spend their tokens and use a service that, particularly for those living in Europe, opens doors to marketplaces

that would otherwise be inaccessible.

We’ll still have some time to take advantage of the launch offer on VET

– ideal for those who want to experience the thrill of testing the use of cryptocurrency for physical purchases – perhaps having accumulated enough during the lower price phase.

What does this initiative mean for VET pricing?

It’s great news – as Shopping.io’s selection is actually particularly restrictive – and only projects with some solidity behind them are included, at least for now. On the other hand this will increase the circulation and demand for VET tokens – which could have positive repercussions on the token price.

So that we can get closer to what are the target prices that we have included within our VET forecasts, bullish also by virtue of all the initiatives that are involving this token. This is an important recognition for one of the projects that we believe to be more solid within the market – also due to the large technological gap that direct competitors have with respect to this project.

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