In support of El Salvador Bitcoin Day, Michael Saylor and Reddit community call to buy USD $30 in BTC
In support of El Salvador Bitcoin Day, Michael Saylor and Reddit community call to buy USD $30 in BTC By Editor DailyBitcoin

The Reddit community is on the move again, this time to celebrate El Salvador’s Bitcoin

Law and Brazil’s independence day.


The crypto community, especially the Reddit community , has been moving in the last few hours to call on bitcoiners around the world to buy USD $30 worth of Bitcoin in support of the fact that as of today

, the

Bitcoin Law that makes the leading cryptocurrency legal tender in El Salvador begins to take effect. This has been dubbed Bitcoin


MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor actually posted a poll on his Twitter

account to ask people how many would be willing to support the campaign.

On September 7, El Salvador will officially begin using #Bitcoin as its national currency alongside the U.S. dollar. Every netizen I know is planning to buy $30 in BTC tomorrow in solidarity with the people of #ElSalvador and their leader @nayibbukele. Will you join us?

The results are astounding. Out of over 89,900 votes, 83.6% of respondents said they are willing to buy USD $30 in BTC today.

And why $30? Because that’s just the amount in BTC that all Salvadorans will have in their wallets, called Chivo

, starting today.


on the charge

That same proposal is also being made among members of the Reddit


To mark the occasion and increase the price of BTC, members of the

r / Bitcoin subReddit said they will initiate a massive purchase of Bitcoin the moment the law is passed. As reported in the same Redditpost:

“We are 3,316,862 community members x $30/each = USD $99,505,860 (more or less depending on the currencies used). El Salvador will have the crypto launch at 3:00 pm. I say we coordinate for this time, which is Pacific Standard Time at 2:00 pm.

I meant this more as a gesture of support, rather than a bombshell. This is the first time a nation has adopted Bitcoin. This is an important moment in Bitcoin. Let’s show El Salvador, for those who are still undecided, that Bitcoin has value for them. And for everyone. Bitcoin is significant.

The same idea is also being followed in a Brazilian subReddit, but for different reasons, according to Cryptolate: to celebrate Brazil’s independence, which happened on a day like today in 1822.

It’s worth remembering the power these Reddit groups can have – remember earlier this year when they managed to drive up GameStop’s stock prices?

An anonymous tweeter, who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoney (as a parody of the name of Bitcoin’s unknown creator) tweeted about it:

“At the same time as El Salvador’s #bitcoin bill will become law, at 3pm on September 7, a huge Brazilian Reddit community with over 3 million members will buy $30 in #bitcoin each, remembering that September 7 is Brazil’s Independence Day. More and more users are joining.

Social media platforms likeFac ebook and Twitter are using the hashtags “#30for30”, “#buybtctuesday” and “#7septemberbuybuybtc” to call users to make the bitcoinpurchase.

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