In El Salvador, Starbucks, McDonald's and others have been forced to move to Bitcoin (BTC)

McDonald’s, Starbucks and others open up to Bitcoin in El Salvador

The image shows in a particularly telling way the small revolution that El Salvador has just experienced: a man filmed himself using Bitcoin to pay for his coffee at Starbucks:

As you can see, the payment is made in a few seconds, thanks to a QR code. The prices of the drinks are also displayed in Bitcoin at the counter.

Other well-known retailers in El Salvador have unlocked Bitcoin payments since yesterday. A reporter from Bitcoin Magazine tested BTC payments at McDonald‘s. The fast food giant uses the Lightning Network to process transactions, and prints QR codes directly on the receipt:

Other reports swarmed Twitter: retailers overall opened up to Bitcoin, as they were required by law to do so as of September 7.

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Proof that Bitcoin can be easily integrated?

So despite the hesitation of the people of El Salvador, and the protests that have taken place, Bitcoin does seem to have started to take hold in the country. What this also proves is that large multinationals, who have never particularly expressed interest in crypto-currencies, can quickly find ways to accommodate these new assets.

Critics of cryptocurrencies may have argued that El Salvador was too ” small ” a country to represent a revolution. But if a government was able to offer BTC payment options at every merchant in the country in a matter of months, it shows that cryptocurrencies can become mainstream. So it remains to be seen whether Salvadorans will follow suit by using these new payment options en masse.

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In El Salvador, Starbucks, McDonald's and others have been forced to move to Bitcoin (BTC)


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