In Belgium, a startup lets you pay parking tickets with Bitcoin
In Belgium, a startup lets you pay parking tickets with Bitcoin By Hannah Perez

A Belgian app makes it easy for its users to pay for parking tickets with seven cryptocurrencies in Antwerp and Brussels.


Parking tickets have joined the list of services that can now be paid for with Bitcoin

in Belgium.

Seety, a Belgian startup

that helps its users find free parking and avoid fines, has introduced support for cryptocurrency payments.

According to a report from local media outlet, DataNews, the initiative will allow drivers in Belgium to pay parking tickets with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Seety

users will be able to take advantage of the new crypto payments functionality initially in two cities in the country – Antwerp and Brussels.

In addition to Bitcoin, the app added six other cryptocurrencies – Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin(LTC), as well as the DAI and USDC stablecoins


Pay for parking with Bitcoin

The initiative will now allow users of the platform to choose from seven digital assets for paying parking tickets in both cities in the European country


Customers who want to leverage their cryptocurrencies for the new service will be able to do so by purchasing credits through the Seety platform, which can then be used to access the parking ticket

payment without leaving the app. According to the report, the use of cryptocurrencies will not incur any additional fees from the customer.

The “smart parking” app offers a map to find cheaper parking zones, avoid parking tickets and pay parking in one click. It has more than 355,000 users in Belgium and the Netherlands. Seety

‘s goal is to continue to grow to generate an annual revenue of over 2 million euros by 2022.

Seety is one of the startups participating in the Belgian accelerator program Start it @KBC

, a program that ensures support for companies to scale in the market without commercial ties.

The Seety team highlights

He told the local media that he expects the adoption of cryptocurrencies to become more widespread for everyday payments once such assets become more environmentally friendly. For now, the initiative seems to be an example of how companies from various sectors are opting to incorporate Bitcoin cryptocurrencies as a payment alternative; a possible indication of the growing demand and acceptance cryptocurrencies are spreading around the world.

Cryptocurrencies for everyday payments

Seety is not the first company looking to bring digital currencies to parking payment. According to Cointelegraph, this use of Bitcoin dates back to the cryptocurrency’s early years.

In 2013, the provider of hosted applications for government agencies, E-Gov Link, was working to integrate Bitcoincryptocurrency, allowing citizens in some U.S. localities to pay bills and services, and even parking tickets, with the flagship cryptocurrency.

Also, the now-defunct online marketplace of Bitcoin, Brawker, was looking to expand in 2014 to offer its users the option to pay for almost anything with the cryptocurrency; including parking tickets. While those initiatives seem to be left in the past, using cryptocurrencies to pay for parking continues to be an alternative for some businesses.

Last year, the platform ParkingAccess.comwhich helps travelers find parking spots in airports and cities around the world, partnered with crypto payment processor Bitpay to incorporate cryptocurrencies into its payment methods.

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