Immutable Insight: A new ecosystem with zero emissions

Immutable Insight introduces two new exchange-traded securities based on blockchain: “Sustainliquid” and “Kryptobest”.

Climate killers my ass, the “infrastructure of the future is blockchain technology”. This is the vision of start-up Immutable Insight, which we have reported on in the past. Together with co-founder Dr. Volker-Henning Winterer, founder Katharina Gehra is pursuing the vision of an ecosystem with exactly zero emissions. Founded in 2019, the company aims to“harness the full potential of blockchain technology through data-driven approaches and crypto-asset analytics.” It has now unveiled two new exchange-traded instruments (ETIs) based on these tools: ‘Sustainliquid’ and ‘Kryptobest’. These were created out of the motivation “to offer small investors the opportunity to benefit from our expertise,” Gehra explained to Yellow Rocket Agency.


According to its website, Sustainliquid is an ETI that pursues the goal of distributing positive returns at low risk in an ESG-compliant manner.
To this end, it invests exclusively in proof-of-stake (staking) blockchains and decentralized financial systems (deFi). In doing so, only what the company believes is both proven and has great growth potential is worthy of investment.

Gehra tells Yellow Rocket Agency that this would automatically reduce energy consumption:

Other consensus mechanisms [to proof-of-work] like proof-of-stake replace electricity with capital in the design as an incentive system. This automatically results in reducing the energy consumption of such systems by more than three orders of magnitude, which also reduces the CO₂ footprint of such blockchains to the same extent.

Katharina Gehra

How does Sustainliquid work?

The capital invested is first converted into a token on a staking blockchain before it is then deposited into smart contracts.
Transaction fees and inflation fees would be collected through the smart contracts, which would then be paid out to the investors. Immutable Insight is aiming for a return of around three percent. In order to make a social contribution, approximately 30 percent of the stalking rewards would go to GiveWell. With Sustainliquid, the company would like to address private investors in particular.

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According to Gehra, Sustainliquid gives investors all the benefits of staking, allows them to manage their CO₂ emissions and collect some money. At the same time it is the Opinion that “blockchain technology … is the only systemic lever for true ESG” (Environmental Social Governance).

ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.

ESG investment criteria emerge from EU regulations called the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which aim to make the EU carbon neutral by 2050.

[We] focus … on proof-of-stake blockchains to leverage the lower-energy consensus mechanisms on the one hand and the transparency and binding nature of blockchain data on the other for a better ESG approach.

Katharina Gehra


As with Sustainliquid, the basis for Kryptobest is to be “mathematical and physical modelling based on real-time data”. In ETI Kryptobest, leading cryptocurrencies are to be combined with investments in various tokens. The aim, it says, is to achieve appropriate diversification of the investment portfolio. In this way, the company wants to reduce price fluctuations as much as possible. In doing so, according to the website, anyone:r who is willing to invest at least €1,000 can invest.

Gehra explained that the focus is on the token itself. Because:

We believe in the token economy and want to make the new internet investable. So if you’ve ever bought Bitcoin and/or Ether
but find the multitude and dynamics of tokens too much hassle privately, here’s the one-stop-shop for a broad, actively managed crypto portfolio.

Catherine Gehra, September 9, 2021

For those who want to learn more about the Immutable Insight CEO, we recommend our magazine Kryptokompass – we profiled Katharina Gehra in the May issue. To the issue.

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