IdentiHack: Latin American digital identity hackathon already has winners

The DIDI project, for self-sovereign digital identity based on a blockchain, already has the winners of the recent IdentiHack hackathon, which brought together hundreds of developers and talents from Latin America.

As announced by DIDI, the winners were the Asul team, led by Alejandro Sullings, and the OX-Code team, led by Patricia Carrillo Barria, who presented their final proposals on July 23, 2021, at the so-called Demo Day

, along with other teams identified as Blackshield, DescentraID and LatamChain.

In a publication, DIDI described Asul’s proposal as several solutions focused on usability and understanding of the concepts related to self-sovereign digital identity, making improvements to the User Interface

(User Interface, or UI) of the mobile application, which allows the management of digital identity in the DIDI ecosystem. IdentiHack: Latin American digital identity hackathon already has winners IdentiHack: Latin American digital identity hackathon already has winners In the picture, the jury and organizers of IdentiHack during the presentation of Asul team’s project, at the Demo Day held on July 23rd. Source: DIDI Project.

For its part, the OX-Code team aims to eliminate points of centralization that may exist in the DIDI identity validation process, intervening in the architecture of the platform and the flow of permissions.

The idea is that users can guard their identity information in a more private way, without DIDI being able to access this data. The proposal would achieve this by implementing smart contracts


In exclusive comments to CriptoNoticias, Cristobal Pereira, one of the organizers of the IdentiHack and a well-known member of the Latin blockchain community, reported the participation of more than 250 registered people and 70 teams.

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The youngsters went through several qualifying stages up to the final.

According to Pereira, 18 of those 70 teams were left, with whom he worked intensively for 15 days, supporting them with education, mentoring and advice on their projects. Finally, the two finalists were announced on July 27.

“We want this to be the start of a self-sovereign digital identity project throughout the region,” Pereira said.

As we reported in CryptoNews, the IdentiHack would hand out up to $110,000 to the winners. While it has not been announced how much each project will receive, Asul indicated at the Demo Day that, to hire its team of user interface designers, it would require USD 7,200 for a month’s work.

OX-Code stated during its proposal defense that the costs would be approximately $60,000 over 48 weeks of work.

DIDI: a project for financial and citizen inclusion

The IdentiHack was sponsored by the Innovation Lab of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, and is considered by its participants as the first major event for the development of digital identity solutions based on blockchain in Latin America.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, through a call that opened in May this year and closed in June, DIDI is looking to expand into several Latin American countries, developing use cases to promote financial and citizen inclusion, based on the Bitcoin sidechain, RSK.