How to make $610 million in one click with cryptocurrencies... and ultimately give it all back? The happy ending of the PolyNetwork case

Final episode of the series – The PolyNetwork hacker, dubbed “Mr. White Hat,” has finally returned the remaining funds he siphoned off. A gesture that signs the end of a rocky adventure, which could have turned into a nightmare for the decentralized finance protocol (DeFi)


A promise made, a promise kept

The PolyNetwork protocol hack has been the subject of much ink in the crypto media, particularly following


hacker’s promise to return the $610 million

in cryptocurrencies he had stolen. The protocol team then rushed to create 3 addresses to receive the returned funds.

PolyNetwork announced

in a tweet on August 23 that the return of the remaining $141 million has been made. The hacker has therefore returned the 28,800 ethers and 1,000 WBTC still in his possession. Publication Twitter de Poly-Network annonçant que le hacker a restitué les fonds restants de 141 millions de dollarsPublication Twitter de Poly-Network annonçant que le hacker a restitué les fonds restants de 141 millions de dollarsPolyNetwork publication – Source: Twitter

PolyNetwork will now be able to give back to its users the total control of the assets that were stolen:

“The team has confirmed that the private key is genuine and functional. As of now, Poly-Network has regained control of the $610 million (not including the $33 million USDT frozen) in assets that were globally affected by this attack.”

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Hacker amply rewarded

The story has a “happy ending” for PolyNetwork, which has publicly thanked the hacker for his gesture:

“Once encore, we would like to thank Mr. White Hat for keeping his promise as well as the community, partners and multiple security agencies for their help.

As a reminder, Mr. White Hat had exploited a vulnerability in Poly-Network’s smart contract, quietly siphoning off the $610 million he just returned today.

The PolyNetwork team had offered a $500,000 bounty to the hacker for identifying the flaw, which he finally accepted. The hacker even received a job offer from Poly-Network as chief security advisor.

This time, PolyNetwork was lucky. Even so, DeFi needs to make more of an effort on the security front, as the sector has a poor track record, according to the CipherTrace report released this August 2021.

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