How businesses in El Salvador are now implementing Bitcoin Lightning

The Bitcoin launch in El Salvador

Bitcoin LightiningBitcoin Lightining

A few months ago, we reported on the revolutionary change of direction in El Salvador. Bitcoin is to be introduced as legal tender and thus weaken the economic dependence on the dollar. Since the majority of payments in El Salvador are made with dollars, the dependency is enormous.

Yesterday, September 7, the law went into effect. Now all businesses in the country must offer Bitcoin as a form of payment. Shortly after the law was activated, Bitcoin’s price plummeted. In response, the president of El Salvador tweeted on Twitter that he had bought the collapse directly and, ironically, thanked the IMF, which had been highly critical of El Salvador and the Bitcoin launch.

Bitcoin Lightning TweetBitcoin Lightning Tweet

Source: Twitter

We’re buying the dip

150 new coins added.

Just a few hours later, he comments on the tweet:

Looks like the discount is ending.

Thanks to @IMFNews for the dip. We saved millions in printed fiat money.

El Salvador now holds 550 BTC.

Bitcoin Lightning launch at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is one of the largest corporations in the world that now has to offer Bitcoin in El Salvador. This is solved by OpenNode’s Bitcoin Lightning structure. Through a partnership, McDonald’s was able to implement bitcoin as easy as pie. The coin can now be spent in all 19 McDonald’s stores in the country. Also included is delivery service.

What is OpenNode?

OpenNode is fully focused on Bitcoin Lightning implementation at businesses. The company’s vision is that Bitcoin will become the global world currency in the future and no other currency will rival it. With more than 8000 users in over 126 countries worldwide, the company is still at the beginning of its real size.

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