Bumpy start for new Cardano developer portal

Cardano not only launched a new developer portal, but a new token as well. Meanwhile, the NFTA’s world premiere didn’t go entirely smoothly.

Cardano wants to give Ethereum a leg up. But for that to succeed, the project needs to introduce one of the basal building blocks that helped Ethereum achieve its greatness: Smart Contracts. In this regard, the upcoming hard fork Alonzo

promises to be a breath of fresh air in the competition between smart contract platforms. For instance, Plutus, Cardano’s smart contract platform, is a core component of Alonzo. For several months now, a select group of “Alpha Partners” and participants in the Plutus Pioneer Program have already had the opportunity to get hands-on with Plutus and Co. on the Alonzo Testnet.

Now Cardano has pushed the door to its ecosystem open a little further. On July 12, the project launched a new website where programmers can learn the basic functions of the network


After months of [code] writing, polishing, and reviewing, we are confident that the portal now has a very solid foundation and covers everything that is currently possible in the Cardano mainnet. Whether you want to implement transaction metadata, mint native tokens, integrate Cardano, run a stake pool, or fund your project, there’s something for pretty much everyone. And all this just before the Alonzo hardfork that will bring smart-contract capabilities. So yeah, I’m super excited,

Tommy Kammerer, head of the Cardano Foundation’s developer community, is quoted

as saying on the foundation’s blog.

Cardano celebrates world premiere for NFTA

The launch of the developer portal was celebrated with a batch of ten Non-fungible Tokens (NFT). Specifically, these are “NFTA” (Non-fungible Token of Appreciation). On the one hand, the tokens serve as a community-focused marketing tool. Each NFTA represents a picture of a member of the Cardano community

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giving both thumbs up. A symbolic “okay” for Cardano’s new developer portal. The images are accompanied by a QR code that can be used to find the NFTA in the Cardano Blockchain Explorer… Bumpy start for new Cardano developer portalBumpy start for new Cardano developer portal<img src=”https://www.btc-echo.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/image-14-920×518.png 920w, https://www.btc-echo.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/image-14-741×417.png 741w, https://www.btc-echo.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/image-14-768×432.png 768w, https://www.btc-echo.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/image-14-732×412.png 732w, https://www.btc-echo.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/image-14.png 1247w” alt=”” height=”518″ width=”920″ />Source: Cardano Foundation (screenshot from the Developer Telegram Channel)

… at least in theory. Apparently, there’s still some tweaking to be done here, because as of press time, the scan still leads to a dead end

: Bumpy start for new Cardano developer portalBumpy start for new Cardano developer portalScreenshot from Cardano Blockchain Explorer.

Admittedly, this clashes with the careful approach the project usually promotes for its updates.

NFTA: Actually just marketing

The NFTAs – assuming they work – should also be usable within the Cardano developer portal. They come with a kind of voting right that allows their owners to highlight certain topics or projects on the portal on a one-off basis. Sidney Vollmer, responsible for brand communication at the Cardano Foundation, thinks highly of this approach:

Both the scope of the topics covered in the portal and the way we’re promoting them with these NFTAs show the amazing possibilities Cardano offers. It’s something that many are still getting used to. With the help of our community, they will,

Vollmer expresses confidence.

The developer portal can be found here

. According to the blog, the Cardano Foundation welcomes suggestions, criticism, but primarily constructive contributions to the Cardano ecosystem. Fixing the NFTA would probably be a useful first step.

[Update 13:32] The QR code error has since been identified . The problem was apparently not with the NFTA, but with the Cardano Blockchain Explorer, which is maintained by IOHK. Sidney Vollmer explains in the Telegram chat, ”

The NFTA’s are working properly. It is the Cardano explorer that was at fault here. We are 95% sure that IOHK updated the explorer while our first NFTA transaction was made. (You will have to post the data). As you can see on other explorers, the transactions are there for everyone to see.

Sidney Vollmer via Telegram


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In fact, NFTAs can be found in the blockchain explorer Cardanoscan.io, for example.