Hockey Fans Can Now Collect Chicago Blackhawks NFTs
Hockey Fans Can Now Collect Chicago Blackhawks NFTs By DailyBitcoin Editor

The Chicago Blackhawks debuted the team’s first NFT collection.


The U.S. professional ice hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks, announced that the first official collection of non-fungible tokens, NFT, is now available. The team is manufacturing officially licensed NFT ERC-721, with some being sold at a fixed price and others being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The collection is available on the Sweetplatform using Amazon Web Services ‘ Content Delivery Network (CDN) to publicly host the digital collectibles. Sweet allows brands to mint NFTs on multiple chains and currently support Ethereum ERC-721 and Ethereum

Mainnet tokens.

About the Hockey NFT collection

The collection itself is made up of 12 hockey character cards and 2,000 digital tickets that were inspired by 8-bit hockey games from the 80s like Blades of Steel

. The NFTs also included not only the digital art itself, but were also combined with physical items or VIP experiences.

The first and most plentiful side of the sale are the Digital Tickets of which 2,000 have been minted. The idea is to give the general public access to NFT who can’t afford the bidding wars at the auction house. There are four different editions of tickets, and 500 of each are sold at a price of USD $30 each.

The sale is on a first-come, first-served basis, and anyone who gets all four will receive a bonus “Golden Ticket”. Each of the four tickets is a digital representation of games one through four of a hypothetical Stanley Cup Final.

For reference, the listing for game four reads “RAISE THE TROPHY!!!”. The Hawks get a pair of third period goals to secure the series 4-0 and bring a parade back to the greatest city in the world. We can’t wait to see our amazing fans celebrating together again in Chicago.”

The character cards are geared more towards serious collectors and will only have 60 mintages. Each of the character cards is only available through an auction with bids starting at $100. The players available for collection are fictional characters that were inspired by the city of Chicago and the history of the Blackhawks franchise. Six of the characters wear red home jerseys, while the other six wear white.

Five editions of each player are available to feature unique animations for each character. Two captain’s cards are available in the auction and whoever wins the first editions will also receive tickets to a game of the <em

>Blackhawks in real life for the upcoming season along with custom jerseys.

You can learn more at the Chicago Blackhawks website.

It’s worth noting that other sports, such as baseball and football, already have a long way to go in regards to NFTs. Many teams have been selling their token collections for a long time. Formula 1 racing and boxers have also taken up NFTs. If you want to know more about NFT you can read our article on how to create one of these tokens.

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