He spent his life comparing prices, Bitcoin finally wins over legendary billionaire Simon Nixon

He’s hungry for more Bitcoin (BTC ) – Billionaire Simon Nixon wants to increase his exposure to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Big money is increasingly interested in them, even the big wallets that had castigated them in the past.

Seek Ventures: focus on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Simon Nixon, the London-based billionaire co-founder of price comparison site moneysupermarket.com and owner of Seek Ventures, is reportedly looking to invest a little more in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. According to Seek Ventures CEO Adam Proctor, the company is determined to increase its allocation to cryptocurrencies, as it believes “this is an important area for the future.” It plans to hire a dedicated cryptocurrency analyst.

The interest of billionaires, wealthy families in Bitcoin continues to grow. In July 2021, Bloomberg published a research report from Goldman Sachs, stating that:

“nearly half of the family offices the bank does business with want to add digital currencies to their investment mix.”

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Bitcoin: from geek currency to billionaires’ hedge

Nixon is far from the only fortune to take an increasing interest in cryptocurrencies. The London billionaire has followed in the footsteps of Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego, CEO of the Salinas Group. The latter had indicated that he had placed some of his funds in Bitcoin in November 2020. For Salinas, Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation, mismanagement, as well as monetary fraud by governments. And the Mexican billionaire would like to hold it for the next 30 years.

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Even billionaire Carl Icahn, founder of Icahn Enterprises, said in May 2021 that he could invest up to $1.5 billion in cryptocurrencies. However, he seems to show more interest in Ethereum (ETH) than Bitcoin:

“So, Ethereum has two functions: You can use it as a payment system, you can use it as a store of value.”

Bitcoin on the other hand “is just a store of value”. This speech by Icahn today, however, is far more positive than when he was talking about cryptocurrencies in 2018. At that time, the billionaire called cryptocurrencies “ridiculous” and stated:

« JI may be too old for this, but I wouldn’t touch this stuff.”

While some billionaires are still hesitant to dive into crypto-currencies or how to barely understand their interests, others who bet on Bitcoin early enough regret not buying more.

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