He lost access to 10 million DOGE from 2016 | Was he able to recover the funds?
He lost access to 10 million DOGE from 2016 | Was he able to recover the funds? He lost access to 10 million DOGE from 2016 | Was he able to recover the funds?

A retired truck driver lost access to his wallet of 10 million DOGE worth $3 million. A recovery company came to the rescue and…

The money was recovered!

Representatives of the company providing services for recovering access to cryptocurrency wallets claim that they have done the impossible – regained access to the wallet that contained 10 million DOGE, which the owner could not access for 6 years.

KeychainX experts said they were contacted by a retired truck driver who bought a huge number of dogecoins in 2015 for around $1,500. Over time, the value of the digital coins has increased more than 2,000 times – to more than $3 million.

The PIN code for the driver’s android wallet had 12 digits. According to company officials, cracking the combination of digits was incredibly difficult. The KeychainX team got to work, asking the owner to provide digits that were meaningful to the owner – for example, the year of his birth. They then analyzed the wallet to assess the type of encryption used.

Endless experiments were conducted – and then came the breakthrough: access to the wallet was regained.

The breakthrough moment

One of the biggest difficulties for KeychainX was ensuring that the funds in the wallet were securely transferred. Because the wallet dates back six years, the team estimated that it would take several days to sync.

The most critical moment was a small test transaction to ensure that the wallet’s DOGE safely reached its new destination.

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Extra precautions were also taken to make sure no keyloggers were installed that could cause funds to disappear.

Robert Rhodin, CEO of KeychainX, said the delighted DOGE investor was beyond happy to have his funds back: “Losing your wallet PIN is not such a bad thing provided you manage to open it years later, it can be life changing. That’s what happened this time.”


KeychainX was launched in 2017 and specializes in recovering lost cryptocurrencies from mobile, hardware and software wallets. In the last six months, its experts have recovered access to over 100 wallets. They mainly specialize in the recovery of bitcoin and ether.In the past, they have “rescued” BTC from 2013 and ETH that went back to the pre-sale era in 2015.

The company’s representative claims that its custom software is 1000 times faster than withexquisite tools when it comes to key recovery – and that it is the only publicly registered company operating in the industry.

“It is a recurring opinion that 20% of bitcoin is lost forever, we believe that these bitcoins are just waiting to be discovered.”

You can read more about KeychainX’s activities here

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