Hacker returned some of the money stolen from Poly Network
Hacker returned some of the money stolen from Poly Network Hacker returned some of the money stolen from Poly Network

The story of the attack on Poly Network that allowed a hacker to steal over $600 million already has a partial happy ending. For now, the criminal has decided to return 256 million dollars.

It is hard to say if it was caused by actions taken by Poly Network, comments of internet users or fear of possible consequences of the biggest hack in DeFi history. However, the fact is that the hacker first uploaded a newly created token The hacker is ready to surrender, and then began sending back cryptocurrencies stolen less than a day earlier.

Unique attack on Poly Network

In an article posted yesterday, Hackers stole over $600 million from Poly Network, we described how the CEOs of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges reacted to this unusual situation and the appeal from Poly Network to return the stolen money:

“We will take legal actions and we urge the hackers to return the assets”.

Today, however, there was an unexpected twist to the Poly Network hack. The criminal who carried out the largest theft in DeFi history has stated that he is ready to return the funds.

The hacker is ready to surrender

Blockchain security firm Slowmist has reportedly determined the digital identity (more specifically, the IP address and email) of the person responsible for hacking and stealing funds from Poly Network. The information published by Slowmist suggests that the hacker may have used a little-known Chinese cryptocurrency exchange called Hoo, where he likely gathered the funds necessary to carry out the attack on Poly Network.

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In this case, it is worth highlighting the quick response of Tether. The company responsible for the creation of the most popular stablecoin instantly put the stolen USDT on the blacklist (it was about the amount of 33 million dollars).

Before the hacker started sending money back, he created a new token called The hacker is ready to surrender and sent it to Polygon. He then sent back USDC in three transactions (in amounts of $10, $10,000 and $1,000,000). He also returned the stolen BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

For the latest on the biggest attack on DeFi, follow Poly Network’s Twitter profile(@PolyNetwork2).