Grupo Elektra plans to support Bitcoin Lightning Network

Mexican financial and retail corporation Grupo Elektra plans to include support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network

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Billionaire owner Ricardo Salinas Pliego said the new payment feature will arrive in Elektra stores “very soon.” With an estimated net worth of $15.4 billion, Mexico’s third richest person has been a Bitcoin supporter for some time. Last year, he declared that he would place 10% of his portfolio

in Bitcoins. Earlier this year, he announced that his Banco Azteca would become the first Mexican lender to accept Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, as Bitcoin’s main scaling solution, the Lightning network has seen growing adoption over the past year. For example, social media giant Twitter is reportedly testing

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Growing Bitcoin Lightning Payments

In addition to the use of the Bitcoin Lightning network, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as payments is also growing. For example, last week Belgian startup Seety began allowing its customers to pay for parking using Bitcoin. Additionally, users of the app can also pay using Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dai and USD Coin


Seety currently has over 350,000 active members and expects revenue of €400,000 in 2021. Although it operates not only in Belgium, but also in France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, the cryptocurrency payment function is currently only available in Brussels and Antwerp.

Seeta’s founders, Hadrien Crespin and Nicolas Cognaux, are staunch supporters of cryptocurrencies. They predict that digital assets will become more environmentally friendly in the future and hope that the global adoption of Bitcoin and altcoins will increase significantly.

In addition, e-commerce portal has partnered with payment service provider Bitcoin to allow customers to

Conducting purchases using cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to pay using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Wrapped Bitcoin, Litecoin and 5 stablecoins settled in USD.

Last month, Swiss cryptocurrency trading platform Bitcoin Suisse and payments company Worldline launched an omnichannel cryptocurrency payment solution, WL Crypto Payments. This has enabled 85,000 Swiss merchants to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment options at the point of sale(POS) and in e-commerce.


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