Grow your Ternoa CAPS and enjoy unique rewards with PancakeSwap

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CAPS liquidity pool on PancakeSwap

On June 22nd, Ternoa and its famous time capsules landed on PancakeSwap. At the same time, it marked the arrival of the CAPS token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Since that day, CAPS token holders have the possibility to generate income from their assets by taking advantage of a liquidity pool.

In decentralized finance (DeFi), liquidity pools are pools of tokens locked into smart contracts, allowing cryptocurrency swap protocols, such as PancakeSwap, to function properly. This makes trading smooth and avoids large price swings.

Through these programs, each user can become a liquidity provider by making their funds available. In return, they receive interest on the fees charged for all transactions in the pool.

At the time of writing, two months have passed since the launch of the WBNB/CAPS liquidity pool and a total of $740,000 has been blocked in the protocol.

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A special new rewards program

Since the launch of Ternoa, the project’s ecosystem has continued to grow and the French startup doesn’t seem to want to stop there. This Monday, August 16, it decided to go all out to attract new users by launching a reward program associated with its cash pool on PancakeSwap.

What does it mean in concrete terms? It is a time-limited program, where liquidity providers are eligible to receive additional rewards in the form of NFTs or CAPS tokens.

This program is broken down into two levels of rewards:

A boost in RPAs

RPAs are the percentage of annualized revenue that a protocol ps users. In the case of Ternoa, the revenues generated by the pool have been boosted enormously through this reward program. Currently, cash providers can generate annualized interest of about 222%.

In other words, if you place €1,000 worth of CAPS – or 13,650 CAPS at the current asset price (€0.07362 according to CoinGecko) – on the PancakeSwap pool, you will receive 83 CAPS daily. This corresponds to an annual passive income of €2,220.

However, the Ternoa team has clarified that the RPA is bound to change over time. In addition, the program’s release states that it is “time-limited,” implying that the interest rate may soon return to more typical levels.

A giveaway of NFTs and CAPS tokens

The second tier of rewards is for users providing the pool with a minimum of 20,000 CAPS. At the current price of the token – 0.07362 euros – this corresponds to about 1450 euros.

Each day, one individual will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible users to win an exclusive NFT and 3,000 CAPS, or €220. Again, as this is a limited time program, only a small number of users will be able to take advantage of this offer and have the chance to win this unique prize.

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How to participate and receive rewards?

To participate, it is very simple. By becoming a liquidity provider, i.e. by placing your tokens in the WBNB/CAPS liquidity pool of PancakeSwap, you will be eligible to receive the rewards of this program.

How to benefit from the boosted APRs?

To do so, go to the liquidity pool page and click on the Add Liquidity button. If you have never used PancakeSwap before, connect your preferred digital wallet to the protocol. Once this is done, select the amount of WBNB or CAPS you wish to allocate.

In our case, we decided to place 0.45 WBNB (and therefore 2573 CAPS) in the liquidity pool. In order to carry out the operation, it is necessary to validate the deposits of these tokens individually by clicking on Enable WBNB then Enable CAPS .

A summary of the transaction information can be found at the bottom of the screen. To validate the operation, all you have to do is click on Supply then Confirm Supply.

MockUp Ternoa PancakeSwap

From this moment on, you are a supplier of liquidity for the pool in question and will therefore receive daily interest on your digital portfolio. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will generate a passive income of about 222% from your share, at the time of writing.

How to take advantage of the airdrop of unique CAPS tokens and NFTs?

Now, to participate in the random selection and win the unique rewards distributed daily by Ternoa, a few more steps are required. As a reminder, the French startup is committed to distributing 3,000 CAPS tokens and a unique NFT to the winner on a daily basis.

First of all, you will need to hold a minimum of 20,000 CAPS in the liquidity pool to be eligible. If you already do, that’s great. If not, repeat the procedure detailed above.

Next, Ternoa asks users to fill out a simple form, confirming their willingness to be among the lucky ones. It only requires two pieces of information; your BSC address and your Ternoa wallet address.

Every day for a month, the Ternoa team will randomly select a single winner from the submissions of the Google form. The 3000 CAPS tokens will be automatically sent to the winner’s digital wallet. As for the NFT reward, it will be deposited on the Ternoa wallet.

That’s it, it’s done. Ternoa’s rewards program has started and you are now one of the lucky ones to be able to benefit from it. However, if you still have questions or if you encounter other problems, the Ternoa support team is at your disposal.

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Grow your Ternoa CAPS and enjoy unique rewards with PancakeSwap

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