Grayscale increases size of ethereum investment to $10 billion
Grayscale increases size of ethereum investment to $10 billion Grayscale increases size of ethereum investment to $10 billion

Ethereum is a big part of Grayscale’s portfolio. A recent report shows that the fund currently manages more than 3 million ETH worth more than $10 billion. This makes Grayscale one of the largest holders of ethereum in the industry.

The asset manager has been gradually increasing its exposure to ETH, adding nearly 20,000 ETH to its portfolio in February. Recent reports attest to the fact that the New York-based firm has added more cryptocurrency stocks to its portfolio since the last report was published, thereby increasing its total assets under management from $33 billion to $41.4 billion.

Not just Ethereum

The fund began offering investors a way to invest in bitcoin through an exchange. But over the years, Grayscale has added more digital assets to its portfolio to give investors more exposure to the markets. Grayscale manages a portfolio that consists of multiple cryptocurrencies. Assets of interest include bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ethereum classic, and many more.

In addition to $10 billion in ETH and $29 billion in BTC, Grayscale also has over $700 million in ETC and over $300 million in LTC in its portfolio. The size of assets under management puts Grayscale at the top of the peloton of the largest cryptocurrency asset management firms in the world.

Grayscale has also entered the world of DeFi. This took place in July, when the company launched a new DeFi fund. It was the first fund of its kind in the company’s history. It was created based on the Coindex DeFi Index.

AUM Grayscale Structure

Although Ethereum makes up a large portion of Grayscale’s portfolio, bitcoin still tops the list. Grayscale’s BTC holdings total more than 640,000 digital coins, bringing the total value to nearly $30 billion. ETH holdings put this cryptocurrency in second place in Grayscale’s portfolio, just behind bitcoin.

The fund has certainly benefited from the current bull market as well. The price of ethereum has risen over the last

ch three weeks quite significantly. At the time of preparing this publication, ETH costs $3331.

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