Garbage, vodka and bitcoin mining: the rocky theft of the week

The surprising “hack” of a garbage man – In the cryptosphere, we’re unfortunately used to hacking through ransomware and other exploitations of smart contract flaws to digitally steal cryptos. On the other hand, we are less used to physical thefts. However, this is the misfortune that a bitcoin (BTC) miner in Russia has just experienced.

A theft of equipment for mining BTC

The present story takes place in Tyumen, a pleasant little town in central Russia. According to a local Russian newspaper, a local resident first reported the theft of 11 BTC mining devices from his private home. It is estimated that the loss was over 1 million rubles (nearly $15,000).

Fortunately, law enforcement officials quickly caught a suspect who was providing a garbage removal service to the BTC miner in question. The 46-year-old man, already known to law enforcement, had noticed a large amount of expensive computer equipment stored in his (the miner’s) employer’s garage.

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The garbage man reportedly took away “a lot more” than the trash

During the night, taking advantage of the owner’s absence, the garbage man allegedly broke into the premises through an unlocked window to retrieve the valuable machines.

Fortunately, the police were able to seize the BTC mining machines before they were resold. The machines are expected to be returned to their rightful owners soon.

An investigation into the theft has been opened against the garbage man, who will remain in custody until his trial. The man could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

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While the story seems to end well, this time, for the bitcoin miner, cryptocurrency thefts do not always have happy endings. A resident of Colorado, USA, for example, had no less than 16 BTC stolen by British teenagers and may never see them again.

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