First bitcoin and ether ATM installed in Honduras

The inhabitants of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and nearby towns, can now approach the Torre Morazán #2, located on the eponymous boulevard, to acquire bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) in a newly installed ATM.

Responsible for handling the device is the store La Bitcoinera, which has facilities in the local 21,120 of the aforementioned tower.

This “is the first automated way in Honduras to buy bitcoin and ether, which, in the past, was only possible to buy Person-to-Person (peer-to-peer), thus demonstrating the growth of cryptocurrencies in Central America,” says

La Bitcoinera.

Indeed, as CriptoNoticias reviewed in the article “Where to buy and sell bitcoin in Honduras

“, the options to buy cryptoassets in the Central American country were limited, so far, to P2P platforms and brokers, in addition to foreign exchanges. First bitcoin and ether ATM installed in Honduras First bitcoin and ether ATM installed in Honduras The new ATM installed by La Bitcoinera allows you to buy bitcoin and ether with lempiras, the currency of Honduras. Source: Twitter.

The websites CoinATMRadar and CoinATMFinder do not report existing ATMs in Honduras so, as announced by La Bitcoinera, this would be the first such device installed there.

The launch of the first Bitcoin and Ethereum ATM marks a breakthrough in Honduras in its mission to stimulate technological innovation and economic investment. As more Hondurans own cryptocurrencies, they will be able to form new economic relationships in Honduras, neighboring countries and with the rest of the world.

La Bitcoinera, administrator of the bitcoin and ethereum ATM. First bitcoin and ether ATM installed in Honduras First bitcoin and ether ATM installed in Honduras The ATM is installed in the Torre Morazán, in Tegucicalpa. Source: Google Maps.

La Bitcoinera adds that this ATM is the first step in the development of their project. They hope to be “a fundamental institution in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Honduras” and, in this sense, “the ATM will give them a foothold and a customer base to serve in the future”.

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According to information published on the Twitter account of La Bitcoinera, the electronic device is an ATM from the manufacturer Lamassu. It allows the purchase of cryptoassets with lempiras, the Honduran monetary unit.


According to a user who has already used the ATM to acquire bitcoin, “it was a simple process”. To use it you need to have a wallet installed on a mobile device and present an identity document.

CryptoNews has contacted La Bitcoinera for further details of this event. This article will be updated as soon as more information becomes available.