Fill up with ETH with your Internet domain name, it is now possible

.com in .eth – DNS namespace has been integrated on Ethereum (ETH), allowing domain names with a “classic” extension to receive Ethers and other cryptocurrencies.

On August 26, 2021, Ethereum name service (ENS) director of operations Brantly Millegan announced on Medium, the integration of the DNS namespace, on Ethereum’s main network. Owners of DNS domain names with a .com extension, for example, can now import those names for use on the ENS. This allows them to take advantage of the benefits of the ENS without having to purchase another domain name with a .eth extension.

The DNS links domain names such as to an IP address. It thus plays the role of the telephone directories of the Internet, making it possible to find and access websites easily. ENS is identical in many ways to DNS, but has a different architecture. ENS is a distributed, open and extensible naming system based on Ethereum. In particular, it serves as an Ethereum address. This means that a person can send funds to a domain name with an .eth extension provided by the ENS, without having to type in the long alphanumeric string of the Ethereum address connected to the domain name in question.

Thanks to the DNS integration on Ethereum, “classic” domain names in .com, for example, can therefore now receive Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. This integration has another advantage for imported domain names: they will be exempt from ENS fees.

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ENS development plan: back in 2017

ENS is developed by the non-profit organization True Names (TLD) and was launched in May 2017. The creator and lead developer of ENS, Nick Johnson, had announced back in November 2017 at Devcon3, this integration of the DNS namespace as a long-term development plan:

“To expand the namespace on ENS, we decided not to simply create additional native ENS TLDs, but to prioritize the integration of the existing DNS namespace. We believe this approach is best for users and gives ENS the best chance of long-term success.”

ENS is funded not only by grants and receives support from the Ethereum Foundation and ETC Labs, but also by sales of .eth domain names. American beer brand, Budweiser, for example, recently purchased the domain name beer.eth for 30 ETH, or $96,000, according to OpenSea.

Ethereum is expanding its web considerably with this integration of the DNS namespace on its network. A news that has something to motivate developers to take a development course in Ethereum.

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