Everything you need to get started playing Axie Infinity

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If you want to start playing Axie Infinity, and you thought it was difficult, take the fear away. Discover one of the most popular play to earn cryptocurrencies video games of the moment. Learn everything you need to do to enter the world of Axie Infinity NFT.

Axie Infinity is a video game from Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis. It is a collectible card game that has digital pets, called Axies, which are based on non fungible tokens (NFT). Players battle each other, can breed and trade their fantastical creatures, and earn cryptocurrencies.

NFTs are not limited to Axies, there are also different items and lands that can be bought and sold inside or outside the game, on platforms such as the Open Sea marketplace.

This step-by-step guide shows you how to log in and start playing Axie Infinity, the play to earn cryptocurrency project that is on the minds of traders and gamers.

What do you need to start playing Axie Infinity?

To play you need to open an Axie Infinity account. If you have never used cryptocurrencies before, take a look at the step-by-step to learn everything you need to do to start playing. First, get these three things: a Binance account (or another exchange that accepts ETH), a MetaMask wallet and a Ronin Wallet.

Use Binance to get ETH if it’s your first time

You will need to have ETH, the Ethereum cryptocurrency, in order to play Axie Infinity. If you already have ETH, don’t worry, you can skip the first step. If you want to learn how to sign up for Binance, and how to use their wallets, take a quick look at the CryptoNews tutorial on this cryptocurrency exchange.

It’s pretty simple. Buy ETH with a transfer from your bank, a card or by doing a cryptocurrency exchange, if you already have bitcoin (BTC) or tether (USDT). You can also buy directly from a trader on Binance’s P2P exchange.

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You can also transfer ETH to MetaMask from any other exchange in the world. For example, from Venezuela, <a href=”https://www.criptonoticias.com/mercados/donde-comprar-vender-bitcoins-argentina/” target=”_blan

k” rel=”noopener”>Argentina, Spain, Colombia, Mexico

and the rest of Latin America.

Open a MetaMask wallet

Metamask is the Ethereum and token wallet recommended by the game. If you don’t have it, you can download it here. This wallet works as a browser extension on your desktop computer, but it has an Android or iOS phone

version, which is not essential to start playing Axie Infinity.

You need MetaMask to transfer ETH funds to the Ronin Wallet. These funds are used to buy Axie Infinity game creatures with a specific cryptocurrency. However, you don’t have to pass funds anywhere yet. You will do that after you register for Axie Infinity.

We recommend you to click on the link we provide you with or watch out carefully when you enter the official MetaMask

site, because there are malicious copies. Unfortunately some hackers scam people by taking advantage of the boom of serious companies.

When creating a new wallet, remember to save the seed phrase generated by the application in a safe place.

Download Ronin Wallet to play Axie Infinity

Download Ronin Wallet

, which has extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Once done, send the funds from MetaMask. Make sure it’s the official Ronin site and not a copy. Ronin Wallet para empezar a jugar Axie Infinity Ronin Wallet para empezar a jugar Axie Infinity Once it’s downloaded, it will look like this. From here you will manage all Axie Infinity tokens. Source: Ronin Wallet.

But before moving funds from MetaMask to Ronin Wallet… chan chan chan chan chan! You need to head over to Axie Infinity

to create your account. This is important because you need a tool called Bridge, which you can only use from the game page.

Sign up for Axie Infinity

Now it’s time to

sign up


Go to the Axie Infinite homepage and click on “Marketplace

“. This will open a page like the one below. Then click


. Página de inicio de Axie Infinity <img width=”700″ height=”383″ src=”https://yellowrocketagency.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/dashboard-axies..png” alt=’Axie Infinity home page’ /> The home page has different options and shows you a list of recently listed Axie. Source: Axie Infinity.

You’ll need to log in with your Ronin Wallet, which is the first option, so click confirm when you get a message like this.

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Inicio en Axie Infinity con Ronin Wallet - cómo empezar a jugar Inicio en Axie Infinity con Ronin Wallet - cómo empezar a jugar Registration must be done before sending funds to wallets. Source: Axie Infinity.

Then your Axie Infinity dashboard will pop up, where you will have to enter a username and complete the registration by entering an email and password.

You have to click where it says “set up email & password

” to display the option and then wait for a verification code to be sent to your email. After doing this, your registration will be ready.

Transfer ETH from MetaMask to Ronin Wallet

If this is your first time with cryptocurrencies, you should first get ETH from an exchange. We recommend Binance at first. If you already know what to do, skip this step.

If it’s your first time, go to the exchange


When you are going to transfer ETH from Binance to MetaMask, you must select the address the wallet gives you from the extension and copy it into the “Address” box of the exchange, so you can send ETH from Binance

to the MetaMask wallet. You must add the amount as well and complete the send by clicking “Withdraw”.

Binance will ask you if you want to use the BEP20 (BSC) network, which is Binance’s blockchain, or ERC20, which is Ethereum’s blockchain. Choose the latter so you don’t lose your money, as you will be transferring ETH from Ethereum

. Elegir la red adecuada antes de trasferir ETH a MetaMask Elegir la red adecuada antes de trasferir ETH a MetaMask You must provide the public address given to you by MetaMask, to transfer funds in this first step. Source: YouTube / Generate Your Paycheck.

Don’t be put off by the fact that the commission on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) network is considerably cheaper. When you complete your shipment, you will have a balance in MetaMask.

dashboard de Axie Infinity - todo lo que nbecesitas para empezar a jugar Axie Infinity dashboard de Axie Infinity - todo lo que nbecesitas para empezar a jugar Axie Infinity Once you know how much the creatures cost, you can make an estimate of how much you want to spend.pour into Axie Infinity. Prices will appear in ETH and USD.

Note that Binance has already integrated the Ronin network

that Axie Infinity uses. This allows you to deposit AXS and SLP, which are the in-game tokens. We’ll tell you about this another time, don’t worry.

You must convert ETH to WETH with the Axie Infinity “bridge”

Now you must go to the Axie Infinity page and click where it says “Bridge

“, which is the

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Ronin bridge

to connect this network with Ethereum. This allows you to get WETH, which is Ronin’s currency, a game-specific blockchain that avoids Ethereum’s congestion and high fees. market-place market-place This step is why you need to register before transferring ETH to Ronin Wallet. Source: Axie Infinity.

Next, click on the “Deposit

” option. Axie Infinity will automatically recognize your MetaMask wallet. Just go to the Ronin Wallet wallet extension (top right of your screen) and copy an address to receive funds, which you then paste into that in-game tool to convert ETH.

Then choose in the box where it says “Asset

” the type of currency. In this case it will be ETH. Trasferencia de ETH desde MetaMask a Ronin Wallet - cómo empezar a jugar Axie Infinity Trasferencia de ETH desde MetaMask a Ronin Wallet - cómo empezar a jugar Axie Infinity When you make this transfer, you have to make a second Ethereum network commission payment, which is worth around USD 6 currently. Source: Axie Infinity.

There is an option to buy WETH directly with your credit card. This step could save you time if you just want to play Axie Infinity and nothing else.

At this point you will already have funds in Axie Infinity to start playing. Now all you have to do is choose your Axies.

Buy Axie Infinity Creatures

Now it’s time to buy your creatures. The minimum you need to play is three Axies. They vary greatly in price, depending on the abilities and characteristics each one has. Of course, the market also influences this aspect.

We think that investing around USD 80 and USD 150 for an Axie is a good average to get a creature with good characteristics, without being too expensive. This estimate is at least a good place to start.

marketplace - axie infinity <img width=”700″ height=”366″ src=”https://yellowrocketagency.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/market-place-axies..png” alt=’marketplace – axie infinity’ /> There are different types of creatures and characteristics. You can use filters to adjust your search. Source: Axie Infinity.

This is just the beginning

This explanation is just a brief preview, because the world of Axie Infinity has a lot more options that we will tell you about in a future tutorial


There you will be able to discover the game modes, the prices of the creatures and the different strategies to earn cryptocurrencies playing Axie Infinity, the play to earn game that has everyone’s head spinning.