Europeans want cryptocurrencies to be regulated by states, not the EU

Europeans want to regulate cryptocurrencies locally

These are 31,000 people living in Europe who were surveyed by Redfield & Wilton. They spoke for 12countries: Germany, Spain, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal.

The majority of Europeans surveyed expressed anti-EU views, regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies. In France, for example, 55% of those polled want the finance sector to be supervised on a national level. This share rises to 61% in Germany, 67% in Greece, and 76% in the Netherlands.

Logically, a significant proportion of Europeans believe that the European Central Bank (ECB) intervenes too much in the economies of their respective countries. This is the opinion of 61% of Greeks, 34% of Germans and 31% of Latvians. In France, this share falls to 23%, with 24% of the French believing that the ECB intervenes in a correct manner, or even not enough (19%).

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National, rather than European, digital currencies

While the ECB has started a Europe-wide central bank digital currency (CBDC) project, the idea is not necessarily appealing to the continent’s inhabitants. A majority would support local cryptocurrencies, in order to “ enforce monetary independence from the European Union».

cryptomonnaie nationale Europe régulation

Source: Euronews

31% of French respondents are thus in favour or very much in favour of a national cryptocurrency. This share rises to 41% among Italians, 40% among Greeks and 37% among Spaniards.

It’s also worth noting that the majority of Europeans feel they know “very little” about the field of cryptocurrencies. Among those mentioned, it is unsurprisingly Bitcoin that is the best known.

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Europeans want cryptocurrencies to be regulated by states, not the EU

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