Ethereum Whale moves $500,000 million in ETH: Is danger looming?
Ethereum Whale moves $500,000 million in ETH: Is danger looming?Ethereum Whale moves $500,000 million in ETH: Is danger looming?Ethreum (ETH) Coins vor einem Preischart.

The latest Ethereum news is about half a billion US dollars being moved into ETH. Blockchain tracker Whale Alert has discovered lots of transactions where holders moved just under 240,000 ETH worth over half a billion US dollars. The time period of the moves was 10 hours.

Large transactions to unknown wallet addresses

According to Whale Alert, there was a series of transactions in which a total of half a billion US dollars worth of Ethereum was moved. The largest shift was from an unknown address to another unknown wallet address. The total value of the action was 55,277 ETH stash worth $129.94 million.

It can also be seen that the sending wallet had already received more than 50,000 ETH 26 days ago, who also emptied his wallet. Taking a closer look at the transaction trail, we can see that the sending wallet was already emptying wallets and moving them to new addresses almost a year ago.

Ethereum News Investors Shift ETH

Furthermore, in Ethereum movements, one can see that five major investors are moving vast amounts of Ethereum between unknown wallets. In the process, two of the five big investors moved ETH from an unknown wallet to a crypto exchange. One, on the other hand, transferred Ethereum from a crypto exchange to an unknown wallet.

In this summary you can see, the five biggest transactions of Ethereum in just one day:

So far, unfortunately, nothing more is known. However, if we learn more, we will pass on the news to you. However, it is not believed that there is any danger. Even if many see the possibilities, we do not assume it at the moment, since Ethereum stands at a price of 2,600 US dollars.

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