Ethereum 2 in the middle of a Merge

The Merge needs you – Just one year ago, on December 1, 2020, Ethereum’s beacon chain (ETH) was launched

, to start building version 2.0 of the network. Now, it’s the transition between the first and second versions of Ethereum – called “The Merge” – that will be available for testing by the community.

Call for volunteers to prepare The Merge of Ethereum

Currently operating in consensus by proof of work (PoW), the Ethereum network will be brought in the coming months to use the proof of stake (PoS), presented as much less energy intensive, since it does not require powerful computing machines to validate the blocks of transactions


In reality, an embryo in development of this V2 already exists since December 1, 2020: the beacon chain. The latter will become the new Ethereum network, after a merger with the historical blockchain that we still use today (Ethereum 1.0).

This November 29, the developer of Ethereum, Marius Van der Wijden, announced on Twitter a new volunteer program addressed to the cryptosphere, to start testing this merger before it actually

takes place :

“Testing is the best way to contribute to Ethereum. We are launching a new program to involve the community in testing The Merge. If you want to participate in bringing proof-of-stake to Ethereum as soon as possible and save the environment, send me a private message!”

Publication Twitter Marius van der Wijden - programme partenariat test The Merge Ethereum 2.0Publication Twitter Marius van der Wijden - programme partenariat test The Merge Ethereum 2.0 Publication of Marius van der Wijden – Source: Twitter

All goodwill can help test The Merge

Contrary to what one might think at first glance, this experimentation of the Ethereum 1.0 merge to its V2 is not reserved only for experts of the network created by Vitalik Buterin

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Indeed, as stated in a Cointelegraph publication

, testers can have various levels of knowledge: from simple non-technical users to experienced Ethereum developers, including computer developers not necessarily specialized in blockchains. All are welcome!

The Merge (the real one) should normally take place between the first and second quarters of 2022, barring any imponderable delays. Once the merge is done, the big piece that is <a href=”

-protocol/” target=”_self” rel=”noopener”>sharding technology, which consists (in a nutshell) in allowing the creation of blockchain sub-networks ( shards) in order to increase the scalability of Ethereum.

In the meantime, the principle of staking, which rewards the staking of ETH in the PoS consensus, is already a proven success on the beacon chain. In fact, the ethers that are locked in have been in the millions for several months now.

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