ETH: Sell? Hold? Buy? |
ETH: Sell? Hold? Buy? | ETH: Sell? Hold? Buy? |

See what participants in the Finder survey had to say about the prospects for ETH.

According to indications from the decentralized application tracking tool (State of Dapps), more than 3,000 of them run on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition to being the second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum is also the largest platform for enabling “Dapps.”

Meanwhile, DeFi Pulse, a service that publishes DeFi analysis and rankings, ranks

DeFi apps based on the value of the ETH blockchain in them.

Can other tokens challenge or even surpass ETH?

The same was discussed in a recent survey

where 42 experts were questioned to understand the common perception about ETH.

The first aspect of the survey

concerned the possibility of ETH maintaining its dominance in DeFi in the long run. More than half of the experts – about 56% – opted for this. About 17% declared a completely different view (that ETH will eventually lose its dominance), while more than a quarter (27%) were unsure about it.

Which tokens make up the list of contenders?

The results of the aforementioned survey also showed a range of assets that respondents believe could challenge ETH or even surpass it. About 15% voted for Solana, 10% for Polkadot, 8% Cardano and 3% Tezos. However, the majority (51%) expressed unconditional support for ETH, voting that no coin could topple it.

CoinGecko co-founder Bobby Ong said


“Many other networks just want to be ETH killers. There has to be a stronger proposition than simply trying to beat a tier 1 solution by being cheaper and faster, because Ethereum will soon solve those problems. To have a chance of success

, other tier 1 chains would have to find unique use cases.”

Sell, hold or buy?

Another aspect concerned the panelists’ sentiments regarding whether to sell, hold or buy ETH?

Source: Finder

Some 63% declared a buy sentiment, while 26% said

Rather, it would go into HODL mode.

Banz Capital CEO John Iadeluca stated:

“While the rate of increase in the price of ethereum will begin to slow, its 10-year value proposition will continue to rise steadily, despite the necessary periods of decline.”

Read more about ETH price forecasts by Finder panelists here:

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