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MetaMask, the most popular crypto browser wallet provider in the world, is showing openness to launching a token via airdrop.

The team at MetaMask discussed the introduction of their own token during their very first community call. During this call, the crypto wallet’s development team talked about plans on how such a venture could be implemented. Beyond that, however, the team clarified that they have no immediate plans for MetaMask tokens at this time, but they are not opposed to releasing such a token in the future.

Senior software developer Erik Marks stated that the project is definitely open to the idea of distributing tokens to its community. MetaMask could follow in the footsteps of Uniswap and 1inch with an airdrop. The two Decentralized Finance projects had rewarded their community with tokens in 2020.

However, Marks also added some conditions. His team does not want to create a token for which there is no meaningful use case. Moreover, a potential token should have a compelling use case – what exactly he means by that is unclear so far. Furthermore, MetaMask’s software developer expressed concern that such a token could fall victim to pump and dump.

Nevertheless, if MetaMask were to launch an airdrop in the future, it could be the largest airdrop in crypto history to date. This is because MetaMask is the default wallet for many crypto enthusiasts and now has over five million monthly users.

In addition to the tentative plan for a token, the wallet provider is also currently developing other new wallet features. For one, MetaMask plans to enable cross-blockchain transactions in the future, and Layer 2 scaling solutions will be integrated directly into the wallet.