Elon Musk talks about Dogecoin and... Shiba Inu Coin on Twitter! Do they fly now?

More Elon Musk and more memes about Dogecoin, this time taking a cue from the Tesla Vision system – which as we shall see is able to analyze the presence of dogs and bring them back in rendering. Thus teasing the memetic

imagination of a Musk never tame, at least on the DOGE front.

This discovery by an owner of a Tesla Model 3 has offered Musk room to make another of his, tickling the market that, however, at least this time, has responded spade, although it seems to be waiting for some positive signal able to move the waters.

Musk jokes about Dogecoin again – but the markets…

A Dogecoin market that is in a rather complicated phase, with a battle around the $0.20 price level that has been going on for a few days now. Battle on which we can also enter with eToro (here for a free and unlimited demo account)

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What did Musk say about Dogecoin and Tesla?

No, it’s not the announcement we’ve all been waiting for – or those who have invested in Dogecoin

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, anyway – which is Tesla’s acceptance of Doge payments for its cars. The exchange of jokes started from a Tesla Model 3 owner, who pointed out that the Tesla Vision system can correctly identify dogs and offer them in renderings on the internal viewer.

Something on which the joke of Elon Musk, who returned (just a few days later) to mention Dogecoin, was inserted


Maybe if it meets a Shiba Inu, the car will render a Dogecoin

Thus returning to the Yellow Rocket Agency of which he decreed the fortunes only a few months ago, only to sink it – at least according to detractors – during a famous speech at Saturday Night Live, where he defined it, albeit jokingly, a scam. All this within a particularly sluggish market context this

morning, with major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin but also Ethereum making a huge effort to recover yesterday’s losses.

In a rather prolific evening for Musk on the meme token front, there was also room for another exchange.

A simple laugh at a meme depicting Bitcoin asking the 10 most capitalized cryptocurrencies whether or not Dogecoin is still there. Again, a rather innocent exchange for the market – but one that denotes how close the head of Tesla still is to the world of Dogecoin.

The battle between the crypto-memes is getting tighter and tighter

Dogecoin must also look over its shoulder, because several projects have taken the proverbial wake and are trying to establish themselves as market leaders in the sector. Above all Shiba Inu Token, which with the arrival of ShibaSwap has also added a utility to its arsenal that Dogecoin is not able to offer.

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Utility that has been confirmed – in its technical part – by CertiK, and that has contributed to shake up a bit the waters in a market that is sluggish for the moment. $SHIB could be, at least according to several analysts, at a very good price level for buying, which we can do on Capital.com (here to get a free trial account with unlimited virtual capital), the broker that first integrated it into its listings and that offers innovative services such as artificial intelligence for portfolio analysis – or professional platforms such as TradingView and MetaTrader 4, with the real account accessible with only 20 euros of investment.

The future of Dogecoin can not pass by Elon Musk

Or rather, it can only do so if Tesla’s CEO’s commitment becomes effective. And proclamations of interest in the future development of the project will not be enough. Should his companies actually start accepting DOGE, there could be a resumption of a major bull run.

Otherwise – and should current general market conditions persist – Dogecoin will be forced to go it alone. Without the eccentric billionaire’s impromptu jokes being able to help. Which we’ve had evidence of again today.