Earn up to 4% per month in passive income with your bitcoins

We are in the middle of a bull run and the price of Bitcoin is exploding. So what should you do with your crypto capital to take full advantage of this turnaround?

Now, many traders are turning to crypto-arbitrage, a form of crypto investing that allows you to secure profits from the bull market, and also guarantees that if the market suddenly takes a dive, you won’t lose all your gains.

Perhaps the most well-known name in crypto arbitrage is ArbiSmart. This fully automated, European-licensed crypto-arbitrage project has gained popularity thanks to the rapid growth of its community and the exploding price of its native token, RBIS. According to analysts, RBIS is expected to reach 40 times its current value by 2023!

A Strategic Advantage in a Bull or Bear Market

Crypto arbitrage is a low-risk strategy that brings reliable returns. You don’t need to make predictions to guess which way the highly volatile crypto market will go. Instead, crypto arbitrage allows you to make money by taking advantage of brief opportunities when a corner is available at different prices at the same time, on different platforms. Crypto-arbitrage involves buying the coin on the exchange where the price is lowest, then selling it back to where the price is highest before the price differential is corrected and the opportunity disappears.

Earn up to 4% per month in passive income with your bitcoins

No matter which way the market moves, you continue to earn regular profits. This makes ArbiSmart the perfect hedge. If prices collapse again, the temporary price gaps will continue to occur with the same regularity, generating generous and consistent income per month and per year.

ArbiSmart is a fully automated crypto-arbitrage platform licensed in Europe. An algorithm scans hundreds of crypto-currencies continuously on 35 exchanges, to find exploitable temporary price gaps. All you have to do is register and deposit your funds. Then the platform takes over. It converts your fiat or cryptos into RBIS, its native token, and uses them to execute a huge amount of simultaneous transactions, to generate profits of up to 45% a year.

Earn up to 4% per month in passive income with your bitcoins

The exact amount you will earn with crypto arbitrage is defined in the ArbiSmart account table. The percentage is based on the amount of your deposit, and the passive income ranges from 0.9% to 3.75% par month (between 10.8% and 45% per year), plus compound interest on top of that.

You also earn money from the increase in value of the RBIS token, which has already more than quadrupled in value and is expected to increase by 2000% by the end of 2021.

Finally, if you choose to put your funds in an escrow account for a predetermined period of time, you get another 1% in passive income.

Factors impacting the evolution of the RBIS price

In the two years since its launch, the value of RBIS has increased by 520% and its price is on a steady upward trajectory. Not only does it have a solid growth history, but it is also growing at an exceptional rate. In 2020, ArbiSmart was up 150% and since then, its popularity has skyrocketed and the number of customers is increasing with regularity. Yet, even as demand continues to grow, supply remains invariably limited to 450 million RBIS.

Earn up to 4% per month in passive income with your bitcoins

ArbiSmart’s development roadmap is also an excellent indicator of its future growth. So far in 2021, the development team has implemented major infrastructure improvements, with more to come in Q3 and Q4. In addition, in Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, a series of new RBIS services will be added, including a paid wallet, mobile app, crypto credit card, and yield farming program.

Another factor impacting the future price of RBIS is the fact that it is going to be listed in Q4 2021. At that point, before using RBIS services, you will have to buy the token on an exchange, which will likely have a positive impact on its price.

Obviously, if you want to take advantage of the recent rise in cryptos, RBIS represents a great investment opportunity. It allows you to multiply your profits, even if the market falls back sharply, with a token that is in all likelihood on its way to seeing its value take off in the coming months as it integrates exchanges and gains new services.

Don’t miss the RBIS opportunity. Buy now.