Early adopters can now use Fairspin tokens: TFSbeta now available
Early adopters can now use Fairspin tokens: TFSbeta now available By Sponsor

Fairspin is an online casino that mixes Blockchain

and classic games.


The play to earn model – play to win – is a new mainstream in the Blockchain gaming market. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are given ownership of the game assets. Those who are active enough in the game can make these assets more valuable in terms of the in-game economy. This model can be beneficial for both sides of this business: players can have the opportunity to increase the amount of their assets by playing and game providers can rely on active users to increase their value. With that in mind, it was the right time for Fairspin

to adopt a play-to-win model for its platform. But that’s just a small part of what’s to come.

Fairspin is a well-known online casino that mixes Blockchain and classic games. Unlike other gaming platforms, the team aimed to provide a familiar experience for players while being financially transparent through a Blockchain network. Now, as the Blockchain

casino has grown and evolved, it was decided to introduce even more opportunities.

It is worth mentioning that Fairspin has integrated a solution developed by a platform Trueplay, its long-time partner. Since the beginning of 2018, Trueplay has been developing a Blockchain solution that could cover any needs of any online service planning to enter the cryptocurrency market. So far, they have launched all the products needed to easily tokenize any online business. TFS token is an example to showcase the technology behind Trueplay


Fairspin owns a digital cryptocurrency called TFS token. Currently, the token is released to a limited number of players in its beta version and is known by the name TFSbeta. After the sale, the token will be included in Uniswap, which means that every user will have the possibility to get tokens from the first casino <a href=”https://www.diariobitcoin.com/glo

ssary/blockchain-2/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Blockchain. The value of the tokens is expected to increase, so early token holders have the advantage and could potentially increase value holdings over time. When the TFS token sale ends, TFSbeta tokens will simply convert to ERC-20 standard TFS tokens for all users automatically.

What’s new about play-to-win tokens?

In Fairspin, users get tokens for playing, regardless of the outcome. For users who don’t use cryptocurrencies, it’s a much better offer than a regular refund when players only get a bonus for bets they lost. With Fairspin all betting outcomes are recorded within the blockchain, which means players can be sure they received the correct amount of tokens. But this tokenized refund isn’t the only benefit here: the TFS tokens are instantly credited to accounts, which isn’t a thing for regular gaming platforms either.

Holding as a new gaming experience

Using the Trueplay Blockchain solution , Fairspin also offers a Hold to Earn Program – players can freeze their TFS tokens for a fixed period of time and receive additional credits as a reward based on the number of participants, casino revenue and blockchain period.

No matter which option you prefer: play to win or hold to earn – hold to earn – Fairspin says both could bring you profit as you enter the project at an early stage. Then, “whether you play or hold, you will get the reward by multiplying your assets,” Fairspin says.

Fairspin reports that it is the first casino Blockchain to fully tokenize and says this should help push the industry to new standards and serve as an example of successful commercial tokenization. The Fairspin team is preparing to launch the sale of its token very soon, though dates are unconfirmed. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can join their social media accounts to follow the news and participate in upcoming AMA sessions on Telegram.


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