EA Sports seeks director for NFT-related department
EA Sports seeks director for NFT-related department EA Sports seeks director for NFT-related department

EA Sports is using Linkedin to find candidates for a position that might interest all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The job in question is that of a director in the department dealing with blockchain and NFT.

The tasks of the new director will include making sure that the company can soon enter the market of blockchain and non-exchangeable tokens.

Knowledge of blockchain and NFT is increasingly important in the job market

The EA Sports brand belongs to the popular game developer Electronic Arts. Sports titles have been developed under this banner since 1993. Among them is FIFA, which despite the fact that not much changes in it, every year enjoys a huge interest among players.

Considering how popular almost all NFTs are now (see also: $900 million in NFT sales for the last 30 days! What’s going on?), it’s easy to imagine that developers of popular sports games would be eager to start making additional profits from trading non-exchangeable tokens (in this case, it could be official NFTs of famous players, for example).

Currently, EA Sports has ten active job listings that involve blockchain. Blockchain technology and NFTs are mentioned in them in the same paragraph as paid subscriptions, so the company has made no secret of the fact that it could start making huge profits from it in the future.

“We set the course for EA’s investment in subscriptions, PC marketplace, competitive gaming, and new business opportunities like fantasy sports, blockchain and NFTs, and more”.

More and more companies are interested in blockchain

In recent months, there has been no shortage of interesting job offers related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Examples of offers include a job for blockchain specialists at JP Morgan Chase and a job at Amazon for a blockchain enthusiast.

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Would you like to work in the blockchain industry? Or are you already involved in cryptocurrencies professionally? On the one hand, it seems interesting (especially if someone is really interested in the market), but on the other hand, combining passion with work could rob it of its charm.