Digital pets and men in tights: discover the new trading assets from Libertex
Digital pets and men in tights: discover the new trading assets from Libertex By Sponsor


talks in this article about new gaming assets and adding Robinhood to the tools it offers.


The last eighteen months have been a roller coaster ride for stocks and cryptocurrencies. After virtually every asset class fell during the pandemic, an unexpected boom came. Stocks and cryptocurrencies rose as more and more people decided to take the leap into trading and investing.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by Charles Schwab, more than 15% of today’s retail investors entered the market in 2020. According to the same survey, nearly 500 out of 1,000 Americans (50%) invested in the stock market. And while still considered a niche, cryptocurrencies have also received significant capital inflows from retail investors and institutions in a boom that has made 2017-18 pale

in comparison.


As one might expect, these new trends have been good news for brokers and platforms that facilitate investment in these two asset classes. When it comes to US equities, the platform everyone is talking about is Robinhood,

which has become a household name over the course of the year. The app appeared in 2014, and since then, its user base has grown to approximately 20 million people, making it the undisputed queen of US trading apps.

Things went back to square one for Robinhood when the trading platform issued an IPO: after years of acting as a broker for other stocks, Robinhood itself became a trading company. Robinhood

was valued at about $20 billion, but it has more than doubled since its shares went public. In a single day (August 4), its price surprisingly rose 50%.

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Despite this eye-catching start, many analysts believe that even more upside will come as the stock goes public on more platforms and in more countries. Even if there is a correction, it is unlikely to last long. On top of that, Robinhood’ s average user age is 31, so it has excellent long-term growth potential in other demographics while maintaining its current user base. Few people know that Robinhood also offers cryptocurrency trading as of 2018. Given the generational trend in this industry, Robinhood can also benefit from the expansion of the cryptocurrency investment sector, which is expected to experience explosive growth in the next 5 years. Libertex has added Robinhood

to the tools it offers, creating a potential opportunity to enter for the long term.

Gaming Assets

There is another trendy asset to trade

.iar on Libertex: AXS, or Axie Infinity Shard. The AXS token is the currency that powers the gigantic NFT-basedvideo game “Axie Infinity“. This game is special because its format is “play-as-you-earn”. Players raise digital pets called Axies and have them fight, earning potions and other assets that they can sell as they play. To put things in perspective, an Axie could earn around $350, according to the current price, and in some rare cases, they earn even more. However, you don’t have to play to make money with this franchise, because the AXS token trades on countless cryptocurrency exchanges (on Libertex as well) just like any other cryptocurrency.

The price of AXS has risen more than 4,000% since February, peaking at USD $47.21 last month. But, since then, AXS has corrected more than 10%, making it an attractive proposition for those looking to enter the market now. In addition, the game offers an opportunity for people from low-income countries to earn serious money (40% of its users are in the Philippines), with some players reporting earning close to $500 a day. Because of that, there’s likely to be a growing interest in this game (and, consequently, AXS), so it could grow exponentially as its popularity increases around the world.

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So, if you have any forecasts on how Robinhood (HOOD) and AXS will perform in the short term, you can find them and trade them on Libertex.


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